Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Chair by Jim Rubart

If someone gave you a chair and said it was made by Jesus Christ, would you believe them?

When an elderly lady shows up in Corin Roscoe's antiques store and gives him a chair she claims was crafted by Jesus, he scoffs. But when a young boy is miraculously healed two days after sitting in the chair, he stops laughing and starts wondering . . . could this chair heal the person whose life Corin destroyed twelve years ago?

As word spreads of the boy's healing, a mega-church pastor is determined to manipulate Corin into turning over the chair. And that mysterious woman who gave him the piece flits in and out of his life like a shadow, insinuating it's Corin’s destiny to guard the chair above everything else. But why?

Desperate, he turns to the one person he can trust, a college history professor who knows more about the legend of the chair than he'll reveal. Corin's life shatters as he searches for the truth about the artifact and the unexplained phenomena surrounding it. What’s more, he's not the only one willing do almost anything to possess the power seemingly connected to the chair.

My review:
This is only Rubart's third novel, but he is fast establishing himself as a great author. His books are different, but pack tremendous truths, in addition to an exciting and suspenseful read. This third novel, The Chair, is no different. Awesome book.

I think the premise of the book is cool - a chair made by Jesus that supposedly has healing powers when someone sits in it that needs healing. Jim does an excellent job of presenting such an idea and building on it to make an excellent read.

I have to admit that the book didn't go the way I thought it would, and even wanted it to go, but so often even Christian fiction ties everything up too neatly and perfect. Even though I didn't get the ending I was hoping for, it was a great ending and a great message.

Not all Christian fiction books are fluff and entertainment. This is not. Yes, it is entertaining, but it presents a great message of forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration. I have read the last part of the book three or four times, and am still impressed with it. This would be a great book for someone to read who is having trouble forgiving someone they used to be close to. Not only would you enjoy reading a great story, but you might be helped by it also.

About the author:

James L. Rubart is a professional marketer, speaker, and writer. He serves on the board of the Northwest Christian Writers Association and lives with his wife and sons in Seattle, Washington.
The Chair is his third novel, preceded by Rooms and The Book of Days.
The Chair will be available from Broadman and Holman Publishing in September of this year.
Thanks to Broadman and Holman for the review copy.


keri said...

I loved this book. It was a great blend of suspense, action and a story of someone whose life and heart is unexpectedly transformed. it really made me wonder about the power of religious relics! The author has a great website and blog at