Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I was fortunate to take a much-needed vacation from May 27-June 4. I left with my parents on May 27th, around 2:00 pm. We traveled approximately 3 hours to Breezewood, PA, where we met up with my youngest sister, Pam, her husband, and my 3 nephews, at Bob Evans. 

When we walked into the Bob Evans, I wasn't sure if we were in a Bob Evans or a Cracker Barrel. They have a set up just like CB - a nice store to browse in. There are not many Bob Evans like it in the US. Hardwood floors - awesome place to dine. After eating there, we headed on to Fredricksburg, VA, to spend the night - my parents like to split the trip in two parts going down. We spent the night in a very nice Comfort Inn.

Saturday morning, we met up with my other sister, Vicki, her husband, and my 3 nieces and headed out for the Outer Banks.

Traditionally, we stop in Nag's Head at a Ben Franklin store there that sells a lot of souvenirs and ocean/beach type of things. For some reason, everyone but me was in a hurry this time, so I felt rushed. Oh well.

We arrived in Avon, where we stay, around 3:00 pm. Check in time is between 4 and 6, and we were hoping we could get in early. Nope. The maid was still cleaning. We got pizza and for lack of anywhere else to eat it, ate it on the bottom deck of the vacation house, which had a picnic table. And still, the maid cleaned on.

We ended up unloading all three vans on to the decks, trying to put what belonged on the correct floors - there were decks on all 3 floors, plus one small upper deck that held a picnic table, and not much room for anything else. The maid finally was done cleaning close to 6, and we got in.

We had invited one of my cousins and his family to stay the week-end. They live in NC about 4 1/2 hours from where we stay. That added 6 more people to our 13: My cousin, Barry, his wife Dorsie, their oldest daughter Natasha, her husband Tim, and my cousin's 17-year-old twins, Bo and Brianna. There were 6 bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths, so not everyone got a bed, but we had a blast having them there. On Monday, we played 2 great games of volleyball, which my team won both. :-)

The cousins left Monday evening around 6:30, and we were sad to see them go, but glad of the opportunity to spend time with them.

The rest of the week was full of trips to the ocean, trips to the ice cream shop, mini golf, lots of shopping, and reading. I read 7 of the 12 or 13 books I took with me.

We left for home on Saturday, June 4 at 5:00 am, which included a fast search for an escaped hermit crab... which was never found. The maid or the next occupants of the vacation house are in for a surprise.....