Monday, March 28, 2011

Marketing Christianity

I feel like blogging, and decided to blog about marketing Christianity. I have never tried to write an ad promo for a product, but I shall give my hand at "selling" Christianity. Here goes:

First off, this is going to cost you. A lot. It depends on how dedicated you want to be. Some pay $5+ a day, which amounts to around $2000.00 a year after taxes. Oh yeah, you're going to get taxed!

And this Christianity stuff is going to affect you. Let's hit the least of the effects first:

1) heart rate affected
2) high blood pressure
3) possible dizziness
4) you will reek of a smell people won't like
5) Constriction of Blood Vessels

6) Flow of Blood Supply and Oxygen affected
7) Fat and Cholesterol Deposition in Blood Vessels

And that is just your circulatory system. Now for the respiratory system:

1) Paralyses Cilia, reduces function,  Irritates Allergies

2)  More Cough & Colds

3) Irritates Eyes & Throat

Digestive System:

1) Increases Acid in Stomach

2) Loss of Sensation of Appetite, Taste & Smell

3) Bad Breath

Nervous system:
Stimulates, then Reduces Brain Activity

Muscular system:
Decreases physical endurance

Now, some long term:

Circulatory system:
1) Narrowing or hardening of blood vessels in heart, brain, etc.

2) Higher risk of Coronary heart disease

3) Higher risk of Peripheral vascular disease due to lowered blood flow in narrowed blood vessels

4) Arteriosclerosis  (Arteriosclerosis is a disease in which the arteries thicken and cholesterol get deposited on the inner lining of arteries. The arteries become inelastic, and narrowed, increasing the stress on the heart, as it tries to pump more blood.)
Respiratory System
1) High risk of Cancer of Lungs

2) High risk of Emphysema

3) High risk of Chronic bronchitis

4) Shortness of breath

5) Higher risk of Cough and respiratory infections

6) Higher risk of Cancer of Larynx

Digestive System
1) Risk of Stomach ulcers

2) Bad Breath

3) High risk of Cancer of mouth, oesophagus and pancreas

Nervous System
High risk of a stroke

Urinary System
High risk of Cancer of bladder and kidney

Muscular System
loss of muscle tone

Cosmetic Effect
1) Wrinkling and premature aging of the skin

2) Sallow, yellow-grey complexion

3) Stains fingers and nails

4) Stains teeth

Reproductive System
1) loss of Reproductive fertility

2) Lower Birth weight (200 grams lighter)

3) Higher risk of Miscarriages, complications at birth and retarded foetal growth

4) Higher risk of Cancer of cervix

Now if you haven't caught on to the fact that I am giving statistics on smoking, and not being a Christian, you are rather dense... But I am making a point. Or trying to. They don't advertise all of this to sell cancer sticks, aka cigarettes, but people know this stuff and still do it. Why? How can people be so stupid to waste so much money and risk all of these health issues to inhale smoke into their lungs?

And why can't we make Christianity so attractive that people want it as bad as they want a cancer stick?

Since this post is mostly about the dangers of smoking, here are a few more statistics:

90% of lung cancer cases are caused by smoking.

30% of all cancer fatalities are caused by smoking.

Lung cancer is the most common cancer associated with cigarette smoking but you can also get cancer of the mouth, bladder, kidney, stomach, esophagus, larynx and pancreas. Some of these cancers can be treated and others are 100% fatal.

Cancer isn't the only disease that smoking causes - either directly or indirectly. 75% of all fatal cases of emphysema and bronchitis are linked to smoking. Both of these diseases cause extreme breathing difficulties and emphysema in particular is an extremely nasty disease as your ability to breathe on your own slowly vanishes.

Smokers have dramatically shorter lives than non-smokers. On average a smoker will die 15 - 20 years before a non-smoker. This is truly shocking when you think about it. That's 7,300 days deducted from your lifespan. Look at what you can achieve in a single day and then imagine what you might be able to achieve in over 7,000 days.

This is proof that continued exposure to the toxic substances found in cigarettes and cigars simply isn't good for you - no matter what tobacco companies might say. Smoking will kill you younger.

The Effects of Secondary Smoke

The risk from smoking isn't just limited to the smoker however. The serious effects of secondary smoking are now very well known. Smoking near your loved ones puts their health at risk also. Second-hand smoke is still as loaded with chemicals and toxins as it was when you inhaled it.

Numerous health problems are directly caused by secondary smoking and children are in the highest risk group because their internal organs and immune systems are still developing. Children exposed to secondary smoke are far more vulnerable to asthma, sudden infant death syndrome (cot death), bronchitis, pneumonia, and ear infections amongst other things.

If you love and respect your family do them a favour and don't smoke anywhere near them. Go outside. Nothing gives you the right to affect their health. Better again why not quit smoking altogether and spend the money you save on a family holiday? Or a new car? Get the ultimate revenge on the tobacco companies by reducing their profits and living a healthier lifestyle.

In closing, I want to go back to "marketing" Christianity. Can you imagine if all of the above risks were associated with being a Christian? Nobody would want to be one! So why do people want to smoke?!

I lost an uncle to cancer brought on by smoking, so I hate to see people who are friends and co-workers do it. If I had the power to do so, I'd make it illegal to smoke and string up everyone in the cancer stick production business. In a way, they are guilty of murder.

And one last effect not listed above, if you smoke, you will become a big litterbug.....