Thursday, March 24, 2011

CSN Stores.... a shoe review

This is the second review I have done for CSN Stores. They are an on-line store that has 200 + websites with all sorts of merchendise: office supplies, furniture, home decor, baby supplies, and much more.

For my other review, I ordered a throw and an accent pillow. (Review here). I decided to review something totally different this time, so I wandered around on their websites and decided on shoes. Yep - shoes. Summer is coming, and I need a new pair of sandals, so I started looking at what they have to offer. And they have a huge shoe selection. And not just in general. They have a large selection of sandals to pick from. I am picky about the sandals I wear. I like the Fisherman style. They carry 55 different sandals of just that style. I also like sandals that do not have an opening on the heel, and they carry several of that kind. It was rather hard to choose, but I settled on one from PG Lite, pictured below:

There is a great feature you can use when looking at the shoes: by moving the mouse pointer over the shoe, you can magnify any part of the shoe for a better look.

The shipping is free on a lot of the shoes, and is really fast.

The shoes themselves are very high quality, are very comfortable, and look great. I definitely like them well enough to order from them again, and to order this brand. They came in the mail when it was too cold outside to wear sandals, but I have worn them inside to try them out, and have now worn them outside some also, and I am very happy with them. These are shoes I would have bought anyway without reviewing them.

Features (from the website):

•Men's 1887 Fisherman Sandal in Brown Nappa Leather

•Part of the 1887 collection

•Leather upper

•Polyurethane sole

•Leather insole

•Lightweight PU outsole reduces fatigue

•Poron® padded insole enhance comfort and support

•Removable secondary insert for customized fitment

•Available in Black Nappa Leather (1887BK) and Brown Nappa Leather (1887BR)

Thanks to Caitlin from CSN Stores for the opportunity to review for them again. Check out CSN Stores. Great quality, selection, and fast shipping.