Thursday, July 15, 2010

There is a reason for blond jokes...

This happened to me yesterday at the store I work at - proves there is truth in blond jokes :-).

I was ringing up 2 ladies' groceries, then totaled it. Instead of paying, the blond one was staring at the register screen, and the following conversation took place:

Her: but those paper plates are supposed to be 2 for $5!
Me: how much did they ring up at?(meanwhile looking for them on the screen)
Her: $2.49 a piece!
Me: Uh, that IS 2 for $5......
Her: Oh.


~Brenda said...

LOL!!! I'm so glad I'm not blonde, even though I totally do blonde things at times. :-/

Unknown said...

LOL I am blond (or at least I was was before the gray came along) and sadly I have to agree. Sometimes you have have these moments when you speak without thinking, even a little bit. I think all the color that should be in our hair is clogging up our brains. Either that or our smarts are leaking out of our hair bleaching it!