Friday, July 23, 2010

Country....... the songs that impress me

There are some people who are totally against listening to secular music if you are a Christian. I'm not one of them. I do, however believe it should not be your main genre' if you're a Christian. I have run across Christians who rarely listen to Christian music, and I don't understand that. Anyway, I do believe we should we careful what we listen to, and who we follow.

I don't listen to country music much - too much of it talks about drinking, running around on people, etc - plus too much of it nowadays has cursing in it, which I'm not a fan of. Over the years, I have run across some country songs that impress me, so I do have some on my Ipod/Itunes. I thought I'd share some of the ones that impress me the most. See if any of your favorites are here, or tell me if there are some that should be. Click on the titles to see video where applicable.

1) Live Like You Were Dying: Tim Mcgraw. I love this one - talks about a guy getting bad news from the doctor and how he handles it - by living differently and doing things he wished he had done - including reading the "Good Book".

2) Heroes: Paul Overstreet. This a fairly old song. Talks in the first verse about a man rushing home from work so he can watch his kid play ball. The second verse talks about a mother up with her baby and encouraging her husband. The chorus talks about everyday heroes such as these. A cool song.

3) He Ain't The Leavin' Kind: Rascal Flatts: The "He" in the song is actually referring to God. This song could actually be classified as Christian, though recorded by a country group. Great message.

4) I Saw God Today: George Strait. A cool song talking about how God's fingerprints are everywhere, if we stop to look.

5) Check Yes or No: George Strait. Can I use the word "cute"? That describes this song. A 3rd grade boy is given a note by a girl asking if he loves her, and to check yes or no - goes on in the second verse that they are married. I always loved this song. :-)

6) Don't Laugh At Me: Mark Wills. This one stands out to me since I was picked on so much as a kid. The song talks about people with difficulties, or who aren't like you. One problem I do have with the song, is it sounds like it gives the idea that we are all going to Heaven with the line "some day we will all have perfect wings."

7) Grandpa, Tell Me Bout The Good Old Days: The Judds. A song talking about how it used to be - when lovers fell in love to stay, promises were kept, families bowed their heads to pray, and daddies never went away. A truly great song - too bad all country songs aren't like this one.

8)  I Hope You Dance: LeeAnn Womack: This song isn't necessarily talking about dancing, but about seeing the good in life, having good things happen, and being positive - at least that is what I get out of it. :-)

9) Amarillo Sky: Jason Aldean. I heard this song for the first time at a John McCain rally in 2008 and loved it. The song talks about a farmer trying to make it. A neat song. Chorus:
 He just takes the tractor another round

And pulls the plow across the ground
And sends up another prayer
He says Lord I never complain I never ask why
But please don't let my dream run dry
Underneath, Underneath this
Amarillo sky

10) Watching You: Rodney Atkins. A neat song to remind dads that their little boys are watching them and will pick up their habits, whether good or bad.

11) He Didn't Have to Be: Brad Paisley. Though this one doesn't really relate to me, it is still a neat and touching song. The song tells a story of a little boy who doesn't have a dad. His mom gets asked out a lot, only to be dropped when the men discover she has a little boy, until the day she meets a guy who wants the little boy to come along on a date, and becomes the dad that he didn't have to be. Again I say, too bad all country songs aren't like this. I shouldn't admit it, but this song makes me a bit misty-eyed.

12) One Boy, One Girl: Collin Raye. Another "cute" song. I always enjoy hearing it.

13) Love Me: Collin Raye. Another cool song by this artist. The first verse talks about a young couple who are eloping. He gets to the meeting place first and finds a note telling him that if he gets there first, not to give up on her, that she would meet him when her chores are through, and it is signed "love, me". In the second verse, she has gone on, and he is speaking the words to her. A neat song.

14) He Gets That From Me: Reba McEntire. This a somewhat sad song, but neat. Sung from a mother's viewpoint talking to her husband, she is saying things their boy gets from her, and other things from the father, who has died. The best part of the song is the final bridge:

Last night I heard him pray

Lord,help me and mama make it through
And tell daddy we'll be okay
He said he sure misses you
He sure misses you
He really misses you
He gets that from me

15) Something Worth Leaving Behind: LeAnn Womack. A good reminder of what is important in life.

These are the ones I enjoy most and that impress me the most. Any you would add?