Thursday, July 8, 2010

Guideposts religion

Disclaimer:  This is not meant as an attack on the Guideposts magazine, though I do have some issues with it - no pun intended - and those will come out in this post, so if you are a big fan, you may be offended. :-)

Delilah, Diane Sawyer, Jeff Gordan, Dolly Parton, Ty Pennington, Marg Helgenberger. What do these people all have in common? Actually a couple of things  - they are celebrities, and they have appeared on the cover of Guidepost magazine. And according to Guideposts and the story about them, they are Christians.

Google Guideposts, and you get this description: "Inspirational stories of ordinary Americans whose faith in God, and the wisdom and examples of relatives or mentors, has comforted them through times of joy ..." (in light of the above names, maybe they should take out the "ordinary")

The magazine claims to be a non- denominational Christian magazine, and it seems that they are.

So why am I blogging about Guideposts? Every time I pick up an issue of it, and someone like the above celebrities is featured gushing about how God has helped them with whatever - I experience a couple of emotions. One is surprise - who knew that they were a Christian?! Next is disgust - if they are a Christian, then why do they appear in the types of movies they do, why do they do.....

I know. I'm judging. Or am I? The Bible says we can know people by their fruits. Lets pick on Diane Sawyer. Especially lately, she has been cheering on the liberal cause, and seems to delight in trying to take down conservatives. Fellow Christians. If she is truly a Christian, shouldn't she be doing the opposite? Work for maybe Fox News, and cheer on the cause of conservatism and Christianity? Every time I hear of her slanted liberal view of the news, I see her on the front of Guideposts - she actually was twice - and am disgusted. Thoroughly.

Now the above people, and scores of others who have appeared on the cover of Guideposts, may or may not be Christians. But if they are, then why is a shock when you find out they are claiming to be one? Shouldn't their actions, what they appear in or on be different?

It is going to take more than "Guideposts religion" to get to Heaven. Jesus said the world would hate us, not love us. They aren't going to be our fans and cheer us on if we live according to the Bible.

If you disagree, some time check out Kirk Cameron on (stands for international movie data base - or something like that) - there is a place at the bottom of actor's profiles, or movies, to comment. I checked his out several months back, and man, there were some vicious comments. Calling him a hypocrite, judgemental - stuff like that. And why? Because he sticks his neck out. He is careful what type of movie he is in - he won't even kiss another woman in a movie. He has standards and integrity, and the world doesn't get that, and neither do they like it. Is he perfect? Nah, not saying that at all - but if all of the so-called Christians on TV, in the music business, racing - whatever their career - if they had the same standards, they wouldn't be as popular either, or as well-liked.

Christians are supposed to be different. That isn't my idea, it is God's. So it makes sense that if a Christian is in the limelight, he isn't going to do the same things the non-Christians do, act the same way - he or she will stand out.

If Kirk Cameron appeared on the cover of Guideposts, how many people would be shocked that he claims to be a Christian? I doubt anyone who knows much about him - because though he may not live the same way I do, and have the same beliefs that I have, he does have standards and integrity, and isn't afraid to let it be known that he is a Christian. Does that narrow down the amount of movies he is in? It sure does, but I for one respect him for it.

I am going to make a statement that a lot of people may disagree with. Big shocker there. :-)  - I firmly believe if a person is a Christian, it is going to show and come out. If they sing, they will sing for God. If they write, they will write for God, If they act.... well, you get the picture.

Not all of us are in the limelight, but we rub shoulders with people daily. Would they be shocked to find that we are a Christian? I have not advertised the fact at my last couple of jobs, but it comes out. As it should.

These celebrities may measure up to Guideposts' standards, but what about God's? Are they living according to the Bible?

I do enjoy reading Guideposts. Sometimes there are stories I think are far fetched, and yeah, I don't get into the celebrities stories too much - but it IS a light magazine. To be non-denominational, they pretty much have to be. Guess that is how celebrities get on the cover.

I know this sounds like one of my rants, but it is a valid point - if we live for Christ, the world won't love us. And if we live for Him, it will make a difference in how we live our lives.


Annette W. said...

I used to get Guideposts...I may have been young, but I quickly saw that it was inspirational, but like you, didn't think that each person (including at least one you mentioned) really portrayed the life that I wanted to lead.

Carole said...

I don't know exactly where that line is that you don't cross when it comes to judging, but your post is right on, Mark!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for expressing this problem so clearly! I whole-heartedly agree.