Saturday, May 22, 2010

What I like

This past week on facebook, I boldly stated what I think of some hymnbooks at our church. We have 3 songbooks. One is choruses - praise and worship and others, a hymnal put out by Lillenas called Worship In Song, and The Wesleyan Methodist Hymnal - one I dislike. The hymns are older than old, and though they may have good words, have tunes that make conjuer up images of monks in a monastary.......

Anyhow, a lady from my church replied with "Mark, do you like anything?!" - which was kind of overkill, as I haven't said I dislike THAT many things ;-) - even God had a list of things He hated  - seven of them, I believe - don't think I'm up to listing seven yet. Regardless, thought I'd blog about what I like. Some of these would fall under love, of course, but for the sake of this post, like will cover it. So here they are, and not in any particlular order - the things I like:

1) My family. I have great parents, 2 great sisters, and two brothers-in-law who are mediocre. Just kidding.... they are both great guys, and my sisters got good husbands when they married them. And then there are the nieces and nephews. Awesome kids.... Stephanie (15), Allison (12), Caitlin (10), Josiah (8), Benjy (6), and Nathan (3). Like doesn't begin to cover it with these kids.

2) Friends. And I don't mean people who I see all the time and go to church with me, etc. No, I mean those people who really and honestly care about me, who, when they ask how I am doing -  really want to know and not hear "fine" if I'm not.

3) Reading. I've been a reader since I could read, and it has never changed.

4) Books.... maybe it should be in with reading, but not necessarily. I love books too. I like to see them on my shelf, handle them, etc - one reason I will never get an electronic book reader. A true lover of books wouldn't be into that.

5) My car. A 2001 white Pontiac Sunfire. A newer, nicer car would be nice, but I like the one I have.

6) Music. My favorite genre' is Southern Gospel. I like some CCM, Praise & Worship, and even a handful of country songs that are clean, curse-free, and don't talk about running around on your wife, etc.

7) Mexican food

8) Chinese food

9) American food

10) Italian food

11) Playing games

12) Evenings..... never been a morning person

13) Walks, especially on the bike trail near me

14) Covered bridges, especially the one near me

15) Outer Banks, NC

16) Lancaster County, IN

17) Days off

18) My co-workers

19) Shopping

20) Getting new clothes

21) Eating out, especially with friends and family

22) Anything Narnia related

23) My computer - and monitor

24) Getting emails from real people

25) Blogging

26) Reviewing books

27) The Bible

28) My pastor....... he knows how to preach a great message without going on and on as too many do

29) Sleep.... naps

30) My Ipod

31) Money

32) Gifts - giving and getting

33) Cards - giving and getting

34) Blue jeans

35) Spring

36) Summer

37) Autumn

38) Christmas

39) Easter

40) Passion plays

41) Thanksgiving

42) Sandals

43) Walking on the beach in my barefeet, feeling the ocean lapping at my toes

44) Compact discs - what a great invention!

45) Winning things

46) My cell phone

47) Week-ends (not working)

48) Padded pews

49) Air conditioning

50) Porch swings

51) Chocolate

52) Getting mail - not junk mail

53) George W Bush

54) The governor of Arizona

55) Sarah Palin

56) Sunday afternoons


58) Ollie's Bargain Outlet

59) Hugs

60) Nice/friendly comments on my blog and facebook page

61) Lighthouses

62) Having my own place

63) Music DVDs

64) Youtube

65) Drudge report

66) Newsbusters

67) Fox news

68) Rush Limbaugh

69) Sean Hannity

70) Cooking

71) Mach 3 razor blades

72) Christmas lights

73) My Sunday School teacher

74) Facebook

75) Patriotism

76) Classic & antique cars

77) Parades

Ok, that is 77, maybe more later :-)


Kimmy said...

Hahahahahaha. You make me laugh.

You just happen to be more vocal about the stuff you don't like than most people;-)

Christa said...

That was funny! I enjoyed that blog!

Steve-n-Deb said...

Wow! I made your list. Thanks!

Steve-n-Deb said...

I think I forgot to type the word verification so I'll try again.

Wow! I made the list! Thanks!

Steve-n-Deb said...

Six Things Mark doesn't like, Yea Seven he blogs against:
The black hymnal
7:00 evening services
The Youth Focus group
Missionary services
Swearing in Christian books
People at church who don't really care

Unknown said...

Looks like you've got a pretty inclusive list there! LOL!

I understand your love of your Pontiac Sunfire. I had a 99 model up til Christmas Eve last year when someone ran into me and totalled it. I would've driven that car until it laid down and died!