Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sisters..... Live At Oak Tree

Daywind music is doing a cool series, Live At Oak Tree, with several of their artists. They do a live, in studio recording on CD and DVD, with interviews in between some of the songs. I bought the one by the Booth Brothers, my favorite group - and Jeff and Sheri Easter. The newest one is by "Sisters."

Sisters is what used to be the Ruppes. For several years, the Ruppes consisted of Brenda Ruppe and two of her daughters, Kim Lord and Valerie Ruppe. Kim left a few years ago to help her husband form a group, Lordsong, and a third sister, Heather Day, took her place. Now the group consists of the three sisters, so they changed the group name to "Sisters." The three of them have an excellent sound, blending in a way that only siblings can.

The CD and DVD have the following songs:
1. You Made My Day
2. Mercy Leads
3. Unexpected Blessings
4. Under His Wings
5. Brothers and Sisters (guest Booth Brothers)
6. The Lord's Prayer
7. He Looked Beyond My Fault
8. I'm Sure
9. We All Came To The Cross

The DVD also has two bonus features:
Why Can't All God's Children Get Along?

Featuring Karen Peck & New River and Jeff & Sheri Easter

And - Booth Brothers - What Salvation's Done For Me

My very favorite song is Brothers and Sisters, with guest vocalists the Booth Brothers. The two groups sound great together, and it is a cool song. Plus, it has extra meaning with the 2 group names - Sisters and Booth Brothers.

Other favorites are Mercy Leads, Under His Wings, and We All Came to the Cross - awesome songs. Under His Wings was recorded several years back by the Ruppes, but this is a new arrangment, completele with an extra verse. It is not the hymn by the same name, but does feature the chorus of the hymn.

They also do a great job on the classic "He Looked Beyond My Fault".

If you like Southern Gospel, this is a group to watch - and listen to, and this CD/DVD offers a glimpse into the group and a chance to see them in a more casual setting. I am thoroughly enjoying this CD/DVD combo, and can't wait to hear more from this group.

Sisters, Live At Oak Tree is available from Daywind Music.
I was not given this CD/DVD for review, I reviewed it on my own.

More about Sisters at their website,

Check out the video about this CD/DVD below, and also one of Sisters singing their signature song, Under His Wings.

Under His Wings