Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thomas Nelson's Content Standards

Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers has again published their conent standards. How anyone can read or post this and say curse words and some of the other inappropriate conent allowed in their books falls under these standards, is way beyond me.


Kimmy said...

The bible doesn't point to a specific list of "curse words" it does however repeatedly say that the words of our mouth should be uplifting and edifying. I think the issue is context and the intention behind the words used. Again, I think calling someone an idiot is far worse than saying "I had a hell of a day." for example.

Andi said...

I agree with Kimmy, there is not a list of curse words in the Bible that we're not suppose to use - we are suppose to be uplifting each other etc. Just yesterday for example I dealt with a former pastor yesterday whose daughter was horribly mean to mine and he refused to make her take responsibility and he was even worse with his words. He didn't utter a curse word but he might as well have with his attitude and body language.