Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Christian John Grisham, and The Stoning of Soraya M

I've been reading about a new movie about to come out called "The Stoning of Soraya M". Based on a true story. "the true story of a woman in a remote Iranian village, in the years after the 1979 Khomeini revolution, who is falsely accused of adultery and stoned to death by a mob desperate to cleanse themselves of this affront to their collective honor and to their religion. It’s not only a gripping story in its own right, but it shines a harsh spotlight on the almost unimaginable reality that the barbaric punishment of stoning still exists in the Iranian law code, despite a largely nominal 2002 moratorium, the result of pressure from Western human rights groups."

Interestingly enough, there have been some attempts to whitewash Islam and one supposed religious expert is claiming that there is no such thing as "Sharia Law". ( Also, the New York Times and Washington Post seem to detest the movie, I guess because it may look Muslims bad. (

There seems to be a move on this country to try to demonize Christians, and make Islam look good. Yeah, the same religion who keeps trying to blow us up and hates our guts. There was even an attempt by some Muslims recently to bomb some place in the Bronx (I think it was there). Oddly enough, most news networks didn't identify them as Muslim. Wonder if they had been evangelical Christians if they would have? I'd say so.

Anyway, this movie looks good, and if I were a movie going person, I'd go see it. So if you are, go see it. :-)

With as many books as I read, I rarely read a book twice. I do have a weird habit of re-reading the endings of good books, and random parts of the book that I really enjoyed. Anyway, I was bored today, so I started looking through my boxes of books I recently bought for a dollar a box at the yard sale. I was tossing anything looking remotely interesting and even threw in some books I already have, and that is the case with the one I read today. Directed Verdict, by Randy Singer. Awesome book. He is like a Christian John Grisham. Clean books, Christian content, often Christianity playing a part in the court trials, no cursing. And I don't think he goes campaigning for pro-abortion presidential candidates either, unlike John Grisham.

I was amazed at how little of the book I remembered. I had no clue what was coming. After I was done, I looked at the publication date, and it is 2002, and I read it when it first came out, so I guess in seven years I would forget most of what I read.

Anyway, if you like John Grisham type books, check this author out. I will even loan any of his books I have that aren't in storage. Which is two.

Ah, while I am at it, may as well give a brief description of the book:

Charles & Sara Reed are missionaries in a Muslim country. They teach, but have a secret church. And then someone rats them out. In trying to get the names of church members out of them, the police torture the husband, plant drugs, and inject the couple so it looks like a drug bust, instead of Muslims attacking Americans over religion. The husband dies, and the widow is denied life insurance benefits because her husband supposedly died of a drug overdose. So she takes the case to court, and her young lawyer must prove that not only was this not a drug bust, but torture of Americans for their faith, but he must also somehow prove that the Muslim government was behind it.

There is some romance thrown in, which is ok, and my friends who knock Christian fiction will be happy to know that though one of the main characters may be thinking about becoming a Christian, there is no end of the book conversion. (I have heard that complaint)

So, if you watch movies, check out The Stoning of Soraya M, and if not, then check out Randy Singer.

I will mention this later, but towards the end of July, I will be doing a book review of his new book on my blog as part of a blog tour. Among the options made available to me, is to do a giveaway, so I will be doing that. When I do the review, I will have a gift certificate good for a free copy of that book, The Justice Game. So keep your eyes on this spot.........