Monday, June 8, 2009

Refrigerated Strawberry Shortcake

Had a couple of people ask me for the recipe for the dessert we had twice on vacation, so here it is, and it is delicious!

1 pound cake (bought or made)
2 strawberry jello mixes
1 instant vanilla pudding mix
1-2 quarts of strawberries - we used close to 2
1 8 oz whipped topping

Cube the pound cake and put into bowl/dish
Mix the 2 strawberry jello mixes with 2 cups of hot water
Stir in cut/sliced strawberries into the jello
Pour onto the cake, press down
Refrigerate for an hour
Mix up the pudding until thickened some, pour onto cake
Add whipped topping & garnish with stawberries if so desired

When my sisters made it, they used sugar free jello & pudding, and it tasted great.