Friday, June 12, 2009

And One More.......

It would appear turning forty is already diminishing my mental facilities. While discussing the books I read while on vacation, I overlooked the best one of all, but to my credit, I had already passed it on to my sister.

Steve Yohn & Jason Elam wrote "Monday Nigh Jihad" in 2008, the first in the Riley Covington Thriller Series. It looked really good, but was in hardback, which means expensive. I didn't want to try a new author at that. Later, it came out in paperback and if I remember correctly, it was a Christmas gift.

Riley Covington is a fictional guy who played football until he got called up for special ops. Coming off the field, he goes back to football until terrorists threaten the people he loves, and he is back into special ops again.

I received the sequel, "Blown Coverage" for my birthday, and was another book that I read while on vacation. Sometimes sequels can disappoint, but this one did not. There was just as much action and intrigue as in the first, only this time not only do the terrorists have certain locations in mind to destroy, they are also after the main guy who previously ruined their plans: Riley Covington.

I'll be honest. I detest football. I will not play it. I will not watch it being played. I will not even throw a football. I have my reasons. But in spite of a lot of football talk, and the main character being a football player, the books just grabbed me and sucked me in. In addition to being entertaining and a good read, it helps a person remember that there are people out there who want to destroy this country.

One the authors, Jason Elam, is a professional football player in the NFL.

I am hoping since they are calling this a series that there are more books coming. Regardless, I highly recommend these books. I would say they are more for men, but my sister really liked them also, so who knows, you ladies might enjoy it too!