Sunday, May 25, 2008

Week-end of wonderful chaos

Friday night ended on a lovely note. Long story, but the short version: 2 computers, 1 isp number, much working on computers by me and a young guy from our church here, bad modem, now internet on one computer via a broadband connection.

The s (nieces) also arrived Friday evening, noisy and excited to be at Grammy's and to see me. They spent most of the evening playing on the computer when they weren't being worked on.
Saturday, I got up and had french toast and sausage - a breakfast the s order any Saturday they are here. I played outside with the s most of the day, and also learned to play Hearts on the computer - pretty fun. Katie, the youngest, tried to jump the small creek, and didn't quite make it, and got one foot in. That, and an incident today is causing some thought on my parents' part of putting a pipe in and covering the creek up.

Later, Mom, Dad, and I went up to the pizza buffet and enjoyed it immensely ( I know, diet time is coming!) From there, I headed up to Kimmy and Kevin's house. We chatted, ate some snacks and pie, and played a game they got me for my birthday. I didn't stay late, as she had a lot of cooking to do for the next day, but I was glad to see them and spend some time with them - it had been too long. :-)

Sunday, today: Went to church, and had lots of people glad to see me, which was cool. Came home and had my "birthday dinner": fried chicken, mashed potatoes and noodles, corn, rolls, and a salad, followed up by strawberry pie. Delicious!

Dad had settled in for his Sunday nap, Mom was on this computer emailing her cousin, and I was on the other computer playing hearts, when the quiet Sunday afternoon was ended by a pounding on the door. I opened it to find my 3 nephews - Paul and Pam changed their plans, and sneaked in early, arriving around 3:45, instead of tonight after church. We spent most of the rest of the afternoon on the front porch, well the rest of the s did. I spent it chasing Nathan, the youngest, all over the yard keeping him out of the creek and off the road. Josiah just had to jump the creek, so Benjy tried it, and didn't make it. That required a change of pants and shoes. :-) I think the creek's days are numbered...........

Tonight was the school's Baccalaureate, so we went for that. My friend Ken was the speaker, and he did excellent. We came back here with the addition of 3 s - my nieces are spending the night also, and it has been chaos til now - the kids don't get to see each other very often, so when they are together, they are loud, and all running all over, but it has been great to see them all. Nathan has made up to me pretty good, not having seen me much in his short 17 months.

The house is now quiet, everyone having gone to bed. I will most likely play one more game of Hearts with Ben, Josh, and Pauline, my evil computer opponents, then will go to bed for my last time as a 38-year-old. On waking, I will be 39. Yikes!


Cindy said...

Happy birthday, Marcus!!!! We thought of you today while we helped Jared eat his birthday cake :) Hope your day has been fantastic! See ya when you get back to the Hoosier state...gonna have to beat you at some more Rook soon ;)