Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May Happenings So Far

Well, I haven't posted for a while, and decided I needed to drop one, though not much is going on. :-)

Work has been rough lately. Last week, I spent way too much time on the cash registers and moving counters on Monday and Tuesday to get my freight checked in. I never did get it all quite done, and since I had off Thursday, was not able to work on ordering for this week, so the assistant manager, who used to have my department, did it.

This week hasn't been a whole lot better - too much register, though I did get my freight done. Frustrating thing is, we have about 4 new girls, but they haven't been register-trained yet, so while I am running up front constantly, they are working on non-important things. I could transfer to the Hobby Lobby when I move back to Ohio, but I am too frustrated with the way they run their store to do that. I feel stretched too thin.

I put in a long day Monday - there was an employee meeting at 8:30, so I had to stay through til then instead of leaving at 6. Then he wanted me in early today - 7:30, instead of 9, and then asked me to work later than the scheduled 4, so I lasted til 6, but was too beat to stay longer. I can use the extra cash, but it was an exhausting day. Since he is giving me off the days I want for Memorial Day week-end, I am trying to do him a favor too.

My family's birthday boom gets a start tomorrow with my mom's birthday. She will be.......ok, maybe I had better not put it out there in print. :-) My aunt, her sister - has a birthday on the 11th, then I follow on the 26th, my "middle" niece, Allie, on the 27th - she was due on my birthday, but bypassed it by a day, and will be 10, Benjy, my "middle" nephew, is next on June 3rd - he also was due on my birthday, but bypassed it by 8 days (much to Pam's dismay) - he will be 4. Katie is next, my youngest niece, and she will be 8 on June 5. Josiah will be graduating from Kindergarten in early June also. Not to leave out Mothers' Day, Father's Day, and an anniversary, Vicki and Steve's is the 11th of June. You can see why I forgot to buy one card when I was at the card store stocking up. :-)

My move back to Ohio is drawing closer, and I have mixed emotions on it. I will miss the friends I have made here, especially my Rook-playing friends, and my co-workers. Working at Hobby Lobby can have its trying moments, but I have worked with some people there I have really gotten to like, and gotten along well with.

It will be good to get back to my home church. I have never gotten to the place where I feel at home at church here. I am sure it is partly my fault. I do like the church, the pastor, and the people I have gotten to know, though few very well. It has been nice to sit back and "blend in". At Salem, I wearied of being asked to fill in for so many things. I would rather have had one continuous duty, but instead, I was always being asked to fill in here, do this, speak for this. I do plan on trying to stay in the pew more when I move back. I do have some worried about fitting back into things.

I found out some good news this week while talking to my sister Vicki. According to her, my parents are planning on my living with them until I find a job and place to live, though it was news to me. It has been a big worry on me how I was going to have enough money to move, and enough for rent. More possible good news, there is a possibility of some cash coming my way, which will take care of moving expenses.

Along the lines of good news, I had totally forgotten I already bought something for my two upcoming nieces' birthdays and had it at Mom and Dad's - last summer, Hobby Lobby was clearancing out furniture - it went 50%, then 66, then 80, then 90. At that point, we discovered several trunks that should have been discounted, so they went straight to 90%. I grabbed up a few - I get 15% off in addition to the clearance or sale price. I gave one to my niece Stephanie on her birthday in October, and kept 2 slightly smaller ones for the other 2 girls, and promptly forgot about them. So that is 2 less birthday gifts I have to buy.

I have been listening a lot to Steve Green's new CD. He bores me with most of his songs, though I like some, but this CD is really good. It is a worship CD, and totally different from his usual. I am branching out from Southern Gospel here and there. :-)

If this money thing does come through, it will be an answer to prayer. I have been telling God I need a miracle with this moving expenses deal, and if all goes well, I just may get my miracle. If so, I am going to have to remember that next time I struggle trusting Him.

I do feel it is His will that I move back. I felt that same way about moving here. I am not sure why after 2 short years here, I feel the pull back, although I have an idea why. He has taught me some things while living here, that I would not have learned had I not moved away from everything and everybody. It has made me appreciate my family and friends more, and more lessons.

Well, it is getting late, so I had better close and get ready to hit the hay.