Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Rook Night, and a New Money-making Idea

Yesterday was a Monday of Mondays. The truck was very late - 2:00, as opposed to 8:00am. By the time it was unloaded and I got started on my freight, it was 4:00. I was scheduled til 6, so that didn't leave me much time to get anything done. I think they would have liked everyone to stay til close, but I had plans to go beat some people in Rook, so I was out of there at 6.

I came home, changed clothes, then Steven and I headed for Bedford. After a stop at Arby's, we went on to Cindy's house. They and Kristin were getting ready to eat a diet supper - Curve's approved. I kept doing my part by offering them some of my curly fries, but they didn't give in and ate their diet food, which came to a screeching halt afterwards. They said it was time for dessert, and I wondered what disgusting flavorless diet dessert they were going to come up with. I was very surprised when they brought in a birthday cake that said "Happy Birthday Mark", sang to me, and gave me a rude card :-) It was a very nice thing to do, and the cake was very good, as was the ice cream that was brought out. :-)

We finally got down to the important business of the evening: Rook. We ended up playing 4 games with the four of us, and we beat 2 out of 4, and Cindy and Steven lost 2 out of 4......but that didn't change anything in the running tally of total games won, so Kristin and I are still in the lead. We did play one game of "5-man Rook" when Cindy's brother David, stopped in to play. That was fun, and he was hilarious to play Rook with. He further toppled the wrong image I had of him when I first met him - he is a doctor, and I figured he was a serious, sophisticated type, and how wrong I have been about that :-) I sure had a fun evening, and am glad I was able to escape Hobby Lobby. :-)

A new money-making idea if you have a relative die on you. It has become the "in thing" to do with famous Southern Gospel singers, to stream live video of the funeral on the Internet. Well, that has changed. Dottie Rambo, whose singing I never got into, but man, could she write songs - died Mother's Day week-end. The family did not have live streaming of her funeral, citing the intimate nature of the service. But wait! The family has announced that there will be a special keepsake video available at a later time. Hmmm. Guess the privacy won't matter later........

I am scheduled 9-4 on Thursday, then God-willing, will head for Ohio, returning on Tuesday. I will get to see my nieces most likely most of the days I am there, especially if my mom has to watch them Friday night and Saturday, which I am hoping. Paul and Pam will be there for Monday and Tuesday, as they have to be at their church for Sunday services. I can't wait to see the kids.

An answer to prayer: I have had a hard time getting money aside for the move, but my mom did get some money from a life insurance policy, and true to her nature, are giving all 3 of us kids some. It isn't a lot, but let's just say my move is covered now. I may even go buy one of those Ipod adapters that will allow me to play my Ipod in the car, something I miss with my new car.

Thanks again to Cindy, Steven, and Kristin for the cake, card, and a fun-filled evening. I will really miss you guys when I move.


Kim M. said...

Hey, I am so sorry I didn't get you a card for your birthday! It totally whizzed by me! I hope you can forgive Miss Scatterbrained!
I LOVE Steve Green. I love that Song "Majesty". Glad you are venturing into better music choices. hee hee .. just kidding... well... kind of. :-)
I am glad you had a great birthday and that the Lord has provided for your needs financially.
We will miss ya around here though. Don't become a stranger when you do move.

krledu said...

Hey, what do you say to another Rockin' Rook night! I had fun. Btw, I thought the card was hilarious and thought it fit you. LOL It won't be the same without the Rook night with everyone.