Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jesus Is My GPS!

Wow, I am blogging 2 days in a row! Doesn't happen often. :-) This has been a great Sunday. My pastor preached an excellent message on the mind this morning, and even got into why we need to be careful how we dress, so as to not cause other people problems, and how we need to be so careful not to let something creep in and destroy us in the end. It was great food for thought.

Kim M had a testimony that encouraged and challenged me to listen more to what God wants, and that He can actually show us what we need to do. I am glad she obeyed the urge to testify.

I guess what started the day off was Sunday School. The lesson was on holiness, and the assistant teacher taught, and did very well. One thing he said really stuck in my mind. He was talking about how GPS works, and that if they can tell us where to drive our car and when and where to turn, than surely God can do the same with us spiritually. I admit I about cracked up because I pictured a bumper sticker that would read "Jesus Is My GPS!" After I got over being amused at that, it really has made me think. How often do I let Jesus be my GPS? All too often, I just keep the GPS shut off thinking I can find my way easily enough, knowing that if I make a wrong turn, I can pull it out and find my way back. Pretty stupid, but I am guilty. How much better to keep our personal GPS going all the time, referring to it constantly, and maybe avoid making a wrong turn in the first place. Thing about wrong turns: most of the time you can turn around and get back on the route you should be on, but sometimes that wrong turn can get you more lost if you keep going, or it can take you into a dangerous part of town. Ditto for the spiritual. That one wrong turn can turn into several, and cause spiritual destruction and chaos.

I really feel I am doing the right thing by moving back to Ohio. My time here in Indiana has been good for me in many ways. Among the ones I can mention: It has made me realize how much I appreciate and love my family. I have made some friends here, and will miss them a lot, but I can always visit. I do feel my GPS is leading me in that direction. I still don't know where all the money is going to come from, and where I will live, and what I will do when I get there, but if I give God control and do what He says, it will work out.

If anyone decides to pass my GPS idea to a Christian company, I get in on the money! :-)