Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Comeback Kids (or the Big Take-down)

I had a great week this past week. My boss was on vacation, and though I like him, it was a better week without him. The co-manager was in charge, and he is more laid back, yet gets work out of everyone. He scheduled differerntly this week and next - hope it lasts. Normally, I work 8am-8:30 or 9pm Mondays (truck day). This past week, they sent everyone home at 6 that came at 8. Also, they run one main cashier on Mondays, which means I get used as back-up way too much in light of how much freight I get. This past week, they ran 2 cashiers, and I was hardly used at all for register. I got more done, and wasn't stressed as usual, and got home earlier. It was great!

Today will live in history as the great take-down. Steven, Kristin, Cindy, and I get together to play Rook every couple of weeks, and Kristin and I haven't been winning much. We have a running score of games won, and before today, it was 12 to 7. Well, today that changed. We played 10 total games with the regular team mates, and Cindy and Steven won 1. Kristin and I won 9. Yes, you read that right: we won 9 out of 10 games played, so now the grand total is 16 to 13, Kristin and I in the lead. I'm not sure what happened, but we smoked 'em! There was much weeping and groaning going on. I love to play Rook, even when I lose, but it was a refreshing change to win so many for a change. :-) The Matlock duo has gone down!

We didn't just play Rook. Steven cooked chicken breasts on the grill, and I made a chicken and rice dish that also has peas and carrots and soy sauce in it (very good!) and some veggies to eat on the side. The girls brought some cookies that were awesome. We finished it off with some pizza and chips and salsa later in the evening. I also had bought ice cream to go with the cookies, but forgot about it. :-( (More for us!)

In other news: Benjy, my middle nephew, has learned to ride his bike without training wheels. He is over a month shy of his 4th birthday - June 5. I thought that was pretty early, but found out his older brother, Josiah, did it even a little younger. I was trying to figure out what to buy him for his birthday - he likes camoflouge clothes, but my sister said he loves new clothes of any kind. Seems funny for a boy his age to like new clothes, but he does. His birthday is 10 days after mine (he was due on my birthday, but Pam goes about 10 days past with all her kids), and my youngest niece will turn 7 or 8 on the 3rd of June, and Allison will turn 11 on May 27th, one day after mine, so I will have to take presents home for 3 kids when I go back for my birthday. It falls on Memorial Day this year, so I am going to try to get that week-end off through Tuesday.

I read an awesome book this week: The Grand Scheme, by Kathy Herman. She writes Christian suspense/mystery. She also dealt with forgiveness and repentance in the book in a really good way. What stood out to me the most, even though it is fiction, is one of the main characters, an 8-year-old boy, was able to forgive faster than the adults. It brought to my mind about what Jesus said about children. If we could really be like kids in some ways, this whole Christian walk would be so much easier. Kids forgive easier: they may fight like cats and dogs, but they get over it fast, and are soon back to playing together. They trust easier. That is one where I need a lot of work in. They love easily. We can learn so much from them.

Kids are actually the main reason I am moving back to Ohio. I miss all of my family pretty badly, but it is the nieces and nephews I really miss the most. Thats the best part of going home. They all come running to give Uncle Mark a hug, (well, the youngest doesn't quite run to do it yet) and I know I am loved by 6 of the greatest, and cutest kids on the earth. The oldest, Stephanie, will be a teenager this fall, and it seems she misses me the most. I may never have kids of my own, but I want to live a life that they will see Jesus in, and hopefully help in some small way to help them want to live for God.

Until next time, this is the new Rook Champion signing off.


Kim M. said...

Congratulations on your big wins! Sounds like y'all had a great time... and did y'all gain any weight? It sounds like you should have with all the food you ate! :-D

Cindy said...

There was a strange chill in the air....

krledu said...

It was a great game! I can't believe you blogged about it already. That was a lot of fun tonight. To bad about some "uh-hmmm" sore losers. lol