Saturday, April 12, 2008

Booth Brothers and Trusting God 2

Well, last night was an awesome night of fun, and being ministered to. Kristin picked Steven and I up a little after 5. We pulled out on Rt 37 right behind Cindy, her parents, and grandmother - what are the odds? We got to the church shortly after 6 - the concert began at 7 - so we got pretty decent seats, though there were a lot of people there already.

I have several Booth Brothers' CDs, but seeing them in person was entirely different. Even the 2 people in our group who almost detest Southern Gospel and just went along for the fun of it, were impressed, and said the group isn't your typical Southern Gospel group and sound. Michael Booth is hilarious. He goofed of a lot, as did the other 2, but they had their serious moments also. I think the highlight song of the night was "Crucified With Christ", a Phillips, Craig, and Dean song, which in my opinion, the Booth Brothers do the best on.

The second half, after intermission, was more informal, and the guys sat on stools for most of it, even Jim Brady while he sang a solo. They did a focus on marriage and 2 of them sang a love song, Ronnie Booth from his solo CD, and Jim Brady from a new CD of classic love songs he and his wife just recorded.

Of the three, I like Jim's singing the best. I guess last night showcased his talent the most for me - the other 2 have solo CDs, so I was able to better pinpoint their voices on the groups' songs, but last night I was able to see him sing on some of the songs he solos on, and see and hear what an amazing singer he really is. I wish he would do a solo CD of his own. If anyone needs a birthday idea for me, I wouldn't mind the other CD he and his wife did, "Our Love Songs".

Ever been in a church service or something similar where you felt a lot of what was said was just for you? I had that experience last night. I will admit, as much of a Southern Gospel music fan I am, I usually view most of what the singers say, as canned, and most likely repeated every night, at every concert. OK, I am jaded and have a sick view of the world. :-)
Anyway, I don't know how often Michael Booth says some of the things he said last night, but it hit me right behind the eyes. I will admit I was fighting tears at one point.

They sang a song called "Trust His Heart". In essence, the song says because of who and what God is, no matter what is going on in your life, He has your best interests in His heart, and to trust His heart, even when you can't see His plan, or trace His hand. He gave a mini sermon that seemed to have my name written all over it. Statements like even when we don't feel like it, God cares and loves us, even when we don't feel like it, He is in control, etc. That no matter what mountain is in our way, whether we made mistakes and put it there, or it is something we didn't ask for, He is still in control, still loves us, and can get us through.

He also talked a lot about how important it is to get into the Bible, and that is the only way to really get to know God and His character better. I can't recap everything that was said, but sufficient to say, I went away with a lot to "chew on". And it made me realize that I have to try harder, no matter what, for I sure don't feel like God cares and will work things out in my life, but God isn't like us, He doesn't hold grudges, and always has a reason for how he works.

After the concert, we all went to Chili's to eat. Our waiter was cool, and dealt well with having a table of 9 people an hour before closing. He joked a lot with us, and did a great job with our service. We had a pretty hilraious time while there. The evening ended on an embarrasing moment for me. I'm not sure how it happened, but when we got up to leave, my feet got tangled with the chair, and down I went. Other than my leg and side hurting for a while, there were no serious injuries, except to my pride. :-)

Kristin was heading home to Chicago from there, so Cindy, Steven, and I rode back to Bloomington with Cindy's brother David and his wife. David is a doctor, but is by no stretch of the imagination a difnified and serious person - he is nuts, and we had a fun trip home. I am thankful I had the chance to go to the concert and hang out with them all - it was what I needed.

Trust His Heart:
Verse 1
All things work for our good though sometimes we don't see how they could. Struggles that break our hearts in two sometimes blinded to the truth. Our Father knows what best for us he ways are not our own. So when your pathway grows dim and you just don't see him remember your never alone.

God is to wise to be mistaken God is to good to be unkind. So when you don't understand when you don't his plan when you can't trace his hand trust his heart, trust his heart. (He alone is faithful and true he alone knows what is best for you).

Verse 2
He sees the master plan and he hold our future in his hand so don't live as those who have no hope for our hope is found in him. We see the presently clearly but he see the 1st and the last and like a tapestry he's weaving you and me to someday be just like him