Sunday, October 2, 2016

Moments With the Savior by Ken Gire

Discover a deeper intimacy with Jesus as you take a step-by-step journey through His life.

Join Jesus as He travels with His disciples through the Galilean countryside. Press through the throngs at the temple in Jerusalem. Marvel at the Savior’s challenging words, miraculous authority, and tender compassion. Watch as strength floods a lame man’s limbs and wonder washes over his face. And see the meaningful relationships Jesus formed with those He encountered.

This compilation weaves events, emotions, and thoughts into a moving depiction of the life of Christ. A Scripture portion and prayer are included with each devotion.

With moving depictions of Jesus’ humanity and divinity, Moments with the Savior: A Devotional Life of Christ invites you into a more intimate relationship with Him.

My review:

  This is not a 365-day devotional, but one that covers around two months. If I counted correctly, there are 66 devotionals in the book. It is a 446 page book, so these are not short devotionals. Most of them go 6-8 pages.

  The devotional is completely centered around Jesus' ministry here on earth that is found in the Gospels. They each start out with Scripture, followed by the actual devotional part - the meditation, and ending with a prayer.

 To me, this seems like a daunting task to write so many devotionals all focusing on moments in Jesus' life, but the author does it well. These aren't light and fluffy devotionals, but have depth to them and are not something you can read over fast, but instead it takes some time to read these. They are very well done, interesting, and well thought out and researched. I have read the Gospels and different portions countless times in my life, but Gire brought out some new thoughts that helped me see things in a different light.

  The only downside I can see in this book, is the length of the devotions. I don't always have time in the morning to read much, and these are much longer than the typical 365 day devotionals I read.... but that is a small downside. It just proves my point that there is so much more in these devotionals since they are longer.

 The book is an attractive hardcover book that would not only make a great devotional for the buyer, but it would also make a great gift.

 This book was given to me in exchange for my honest review.

About the author:

Ken Gire is the author of more than 20 books, including "The Divine Embrace," "Windows of the Soul," "The Work of His Hands," the Moments with the Savior series, and the Reflective Life series. He has also co-authored "The Birthright" with John Sheasby. Two of his books have been awarded a Gold Medallion. A full-time writer and speaker, Ken is the founder of Reflective Living, a nonprofit ministry devoted to helping people learn how to slow down and live more reflective lives so they can experience life more deeply, especially life with God and other people. Ken is a graduate of Texas Christian University and Dallas Theological Seminary. He has four children and three grandchildren and lives near the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Monument, Colorado.

As a bestselling author, Ken speaks primarily on the subjects in the books he has written. In the past, he has spoken at such venues as Bill and Gloria Gaither's Praise Gathering, Billy Graham's Training Center---the Cove, Laity Lodge, Wind River Ranch, Young Life, as well as a variety of denominational and non-denominational churches. He has spoken in the church service itself but has mostly done church retreats. He is available to speak for large, public events as the keynote speaker or for smaller, more private events, such as leadership retreats. In all of his talks, Ken uses a variety of audio-visuals, such as film clips, and so the host would need to have the necessary equipment and someone to operate it. His messages can be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the venue. Since most of his speaking topics are from the books Ken has written, you can get a greater feel for his talks by first getting the book from, which carries both his in-print and out-of-print books.

Moments With The Savior is available from Zondervan Publishing.

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