Friday, October 21, 2016

As The Leaves Kiss the Stream by Terry Barnes

as the LEAVES kiss the STREAM

... a story about a father and his seventeen-year-old daughter. He is a missionary; she is a problem.

Together they go camping and fly fishing in the Ozarks. Together they clash and argue.

Then one cold, October morning as they fly fished beside the pure water of the stream, together they learned something about grace.

For the tears of a father ... are as the tears of God ... that fall silently and caress the one beloved, much as the autumn leaves that gently fall and kiss the stream.

My review:

  The plot of this story is a couple has to leave the mission field because of the antics of their very rebellious teenage daughter. In hopes of salvaging his relationship with her, and of making their family life more bearable, the father takes his reluctant daughter on a fishing/camping trip.

 I'll say up front that I am not a father, but this book would be great for fathers, especially those butting heads with their kids. The plot of the book is great, and the author also did a great job on his characters and their developing.

 I know the book is fiction, but there seemed to too much hateful words going back and forth between the family members.

 The setting was cool, and Barnes did a great job of describing the surroundings.

 It was an enjoyable read, and he brought the book to a great ending.

About the author:

Terry Barnes won the 2005 Christian Writers Guild Operation First Novel contest for his first novel, "In Everything Give Thanks." His second novel, "Whispered to the Heart," also explores the fundamental questions of life and faith. His latest novella, "As the Leaves Kiss the Stream," is a story of conflict and grace between a father and his seventeen-year-old daughter, in the context of fly fishing in the Ozarks.

His writing shows the quest for meaning in the swirl of life, a struggle common to humanity. As for literature, its purpose is to illustrate truth with such words that will capture the heart and soul of the reader.

Terry is also an online adjunct professor of religion for several major universities. His website is

Thanks to the author for the review copy.