Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Go Puck 5X Portable Cell Phone Battery Charger & External Power Pack


Designed for the Active Lifestyle, GO PUCK makes Wearable, Compact and Durable Power Solutions for all Your Mobile Devices.

• Are you looking for a lightweight, portable charger for mobile devices that can be wearable, and provide sufficient capacity to charge your devices multiple times in a day?

• Do you wish you could find a way to attach your portable charger to your golf bag, backpack, belt, or GoPro Camcorder?

• Does anyone make a rugged, durable, and reliable charger that can hold up to your active lifestyle?
Welcome to the World Of GO PUCK!

Wear the power

The Active Lifestyle is on the go and in many cases, with their hands full. So we made sure our power solution would give them a hands-free, convenient experience. Simply clip the GO PUCK to your belt or strap.

Mount the power

You can also choose to mount the power elsewhere, such as on a tripod to provide a secured location for charging your devices. Conveniently mount the GO PUCK on a band or with a screw.

Holding the power

Capable of withstanding 50 G's or 25 lbs. of pull force, we are confident our Active Mounts can support your usage. With two Active Mounts, you can easily integrate the GO PUCK into your action camera setup.

Take Advantage of our Unconditional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Not only that, but we offer a Full 1 Year Warranty for the Go Puck 5X. Rest assured knowing that you are getting the most reliable and durable product found anywhere.

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GO Faster. GO Mobile. GO PUCK.

VERSATILITY: Break free from the wall outlet and take your action cam, tablet, htc, i pad, mini iPad, audio player, android and other wireless devices with you. Thankfully, the GO PUCK can charge them all.

WEARABILITY: With the rise in more powerful smartphones and point-of-view cameras, the need for easy-integration of personal power has grown. With the Active Mount holder case adapter, you can clip, strap or screw the GO PUCK where you need it most.

DURABILITY: You demand durability from the products you use-and we've delivered. Our products go through certified rigorous testing to prove they can take a beating and can still thrive. Ditch the long cables and cords and live free.

CAPACITY & SPEED: After making GO PUCK small enough to fit in your pocket, it had to store enough energy and juice to charge mobile devices multiple times a day-and they do. Plus, with a 2amp quick output they charge your devices twice as fast.

GUARANTEE: When you purchase today we stand by the GO PUCK 5X with a Full One Year Warranty! No more buying multiple units. Rest assured knowing that you are buying one of the most Durable, Powerful, and Versatile Products on Amazon.

My review:

  It isn't often that I have the chance to review products other than my usual DVD and book reviews. This is an item that interested me, and I actually needed a new one since I couldn't find the DC cords for the two I have.

  This one really rocks. Of the three I have owned, it is the best....... and I am not saying that just because I got one to review. It has more charging power, can be carried with you, and works great. It comes with a belt clip so you can wear the charger on your belt and charge your phone while it is in your pocket. I actually tried the clip out while at the beach last week, and it worked great.

  I used the charger while travelling 12 hours one way. My cell was at 50%, and it took about 1 1/2 hours to get up to 100%. I tried this a couple of times with the same result, so I would assume a full charge from 0 to 100% would take around 3 hours.

 The charger has 4 green lights to show how fully charged it is while charging it and while it is being charged.

  The one downside to it, is it comes with a cord to charge it from a USB port instead of an electrical outlet. I have a couple wall chargers that a USB cord can be plugged into, so it wasn't a big deal for me, but that is one thing to be aware of.

 The charger is 3 inches by 3 inches by one inch. I used this all week last week, and absolutely love it. It is worth the price.

 Available on Amazon.

  Thanks to Omnideals for the review copy.