Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tyndale Rewards Program

 If you like to read and get free stuff, I recommend signing up for Tyndale Publishing's Rewards Program. There is no cost, no gimmick, no requirements of any kind.

 Ways you get points:

1) Link to the program site on Twitter or Facebook and put the link to your tweet or post on the program site. You can do this 5 times in a month and get 10 points each time you do it.

2) Post a review of a Tyndale product on Amazon. Again, 10 points 5 times a month.

3) Surveys, 10-25 points usually

4) Sign up for a newsletter

5) Listen to a podcast occasionally, usually 20-25 points

6) Get a unique link for people to sign up through and get 10 points for each person. They get 25 for signing up.

  And a few other ways that come up occasionally.

 What can you get?

1) Fiction books:

The Susan May Warren book is 70 points

The Francine Rivers book is 130 points (I assume it is hardcover)

2) Bibles:

The One Year Bible is 200 points.

The Solo Message New Testament is 80 points

  There are books for kids and youth, and audio books, Adventures In Odyessey CDs,  and Bibles...... the items vary at times. The thing I want next and need 75 more points for is the dramatized Oliver Twist on CD for 200 points.

  If you're interested, sign up under my link and you'll get 25 points to start with.

Click this link and follow the instructions.


KayM said...

Thank you for posting this information. I wish I could take you up on the offer, but I have been signed up for quite a while. I never could figure out how to get around in the site and do whatever to get points. Maybe I'll give it another try. Blessings...