Sunday, May 15, 2016

Guy's NLT Slimline Holy Bible

The Guys Slimline Bible blue chevron edition is the perfect gift for all occasions and features the easy to understand New Living Translation text. The 53-page dictionary/concordance helps kids locate passages on various topics. Includes 8 pages of full-color maps, a blue ribbon marker, and a special presentation page.

The New Living Translation text is excellent for young readers because it is so clear and they can understand what they are reading! When they can read and understand God’s Word, God can work in their hearts!

My review:

   I was expecting a bit more from this Bible, to be honest. It is advertised as a Bible for young male Bible readers, but I can't see much in it that would differ from a Bible you'd buy for any age.

 That aside, it IS a nice Bible. I love the cover, and it is one that would appeal to guys of any age. The translation is the New Living Translation, which is one of my favorites; and it would be a good translation for younger readers of the Bible..... or any age.

  The concordance/Bible dictionary covers several words used and defines many of them and has key passages. The Bible ends with some colored full page maps that can be useful for understanding Bible geography,

  This is not a study or devotional Bible, so it has no extras along that line. It is an inexpensive and attractive Bible that would make a great first Bible for young boys, or for anyone wanting a basic Bible in an easy to read translation.

 This Bible was given to me by Tyndale Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

About the New Living Translation:

The goal of any Bible translation is to convey the meaning of the ancient Hebrew and Greek texts as accurately as possible to the modern reader. The New Living Translation is based on the most recent scholarship in the theory of translation. The challenge for the translators was to create a text that would make the same impact in the life of modern readers that the original text had for the original readers. In the New Living Translation, this is accomplished by translating entire thoughts (rather than just words) into natural, everyday English. The end result is a translation that is easy to read and understand and that accurately communicates the meaning of the original text.