Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Quick Overview of the Bible by Douglas A. Jacoby

Moses’ world would hardly be recognizable today. David and Solomon, Isaiah and Nehemiah, Peter and Paul...all the biblical authors wrote to people whose mind-sets were very different from readers’ today. Add to that the immensity of the Bible wonder the Scriptures can be difficult to understand!

Bible scholar Douglas Jacoby has taught Bible survey courses for more than 25 years, bridging the gulf between the biblical world and the twenty-first century. He uses clear, easy-to-understand language to explain the big picture of the Bible and show how the pieces fit together. Among the many compelling issues covered, readers will discover...

•the basic chronological outline of the Bible

•the most important themes of the Old and New Testaments

•how the Bible relates to a twenty-first-century worldview

Perfect for personal or group use, this survey removes many of the barriers that keep people from understanding and enjoying the Bible.

My review:
Although this book would be great for newer Christians, no one can know too much about the Bible, so it would be good for the most mature Christian.

This isn't a long book, coming in at only 264 pages, but the author packed a lot of information into those 264 pages and covers a lot of different topics. There are three sections: Getting Started (the shortest section), The First Testament, and The Second Testament.

Some books of this kind can be tedious reading and often a bit boring, but I had no trouble staying interested while reading this one. Jacoby does a great job of presenting and explaining information, while keeping it interesting and brief. Although I have been in church for years and read and learned a lot of the Bible, I still learned some new things and got a refresher course in a lot of other things.

I'd recommend this book to be in every library, and a book to pass out to new converts to give them an interesting yet good overview of the Bible.

About the author:
Douglas Jacoby is a Bible teacher and professor and the author of A Quick Overview of the Bible, Compelling Evidence for God and the Bible, Your Bible Questions Answered, and The Ultimate Bible Quiz Book. A graduate of Duke University (history), Harvard Divinity School (New Testament), and Drew University (ministry), Dr. Jacoby has taught in more than 100 nations around the world.

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A Quick Overview of the Bible is available from Harvest House Publishers.

Thanks to Harvest House for the review copy.