Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Children of Angels by Kathryn Dahlstrom

Life isn’t easy for seventh-grader Jeremy Lapoint. Dad’s in prison and Mom can barely afford garage-sale clothes. Everything changes when Jeremy discovers that he can fly, pass through walls, and see angels and demons. He is chased by a demon through school hallways, but his guardian angel, Asiel, fights it off. The angel explains that Jeremy is a Nephilim—a human-angel hybrid—but Asiel doesn’t know exactly how that happened. Jeremy then discovers other Nephilim teens.

The Nephilim teens later find a report that details the source of their unusual genetics. They are about to take the report as evidence, but a gorilla-sized demon and his soldiers challenge them. When Asiel announces that the Lord of Hosts has deemed Jeremy a Battle Leader of Angels, the boy is not happy. Can heaven really expect a thirteen-year-old loser to turn into a mighty warrior?

My review:

This is not the first book I have read about half angel/half human beings, but its totally different from what I have previously read. Although I am not of the intended audience age, I enjoyed the book. The author came up with a very likable main character and also had a great plot for the book. I read the book in one setting, and could see a teenager doing the same. There is a lot of action in the book and it is fast paced for most of the book.

Writing about this subject matter could be tricky, but the author did a great job of doing so. I am looking forward to more in the series, even though I am an adult. :-)

Sample chapter here.

About the author:

When Kathryn Dahlstrom’s husband was transferred to Los Angeles, she traded Minnesota’s black-bear country for the inner-city and taught children at a Child Evangelism Fellowship Good News Club in Watts. She also began her writing career. In addition to writing six titles in the Good News Club children’s fiction series published by Child Evangelism Fellowship Press, the author is also a screenwriter and film producer.

Dahlstrom has a Bachelor of Science degree in Vocal Music Education, and a certificate in Elementary Education. She and her husband, Tim, live on wooded acreage north of Minneapolis/St. Paul where they care for her mother. They also have an adult daughter, Kristina.

Dahlstrom is a member of the Minnesota Christian Writers Guild, the Screenwriter’s Network Worldwide, the Screenwriting U Pro Series Alumni, and the American Screenwriters Association. 

Children of Angels is available from Winepress Publishing.

Thanks to Winepress for the review copy.


Unknown said...

Mark, thank you for your excellent and gracious review of CHILDREN OF ANGELS. I'm always impressed when men like you and my husband step out of their "male reading" slots (James Scott Bell, for example, or how-to books on basement remodeling), and foray into kids' fantasy! I'm so glad you enjoyed my book.