Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A few of my favorite authors: Jim Rubart

Jim Rubart is still a new author, having only three books out so far. All three books have elements of suspense and the supernatural, and all three are excellent reads.

His first novel, Rooms, came out in April of 2010. I was asked by the author to review the book, and it sounded very intriguing, so I said I'd review it. And I loved it.

A young man inherits a house on a beach, and weird things start happening in the rooms of the house. He soon discovers that the house is a physical manifestation of his soul. A very different type of book, but well worth reading.

Book of Days was his second book, coming out in January of 2011. Its the fictional story of a man losing his memories who goes on a search for the Book of Days, a book that God has written down everything about everybody, including their future. Another excellent book.

And his most recent: The Chair. In it, a man is given a chair that was supposedly made by Jesus and has the ability to heal whoever sits in it. The story didn't go quite the way I expected, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and it left me wanting to read more by this author, so hopefully he has more books coming out.

Learn more about Jim and his books at his website,