Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Downfall by Terri Blackstock

Emily Covington has turned her life around after a drug addiction, but her family still has trouble trusting her. Though Emily has committed herself to a year-long treatment program and has been sober for almost a year beyond that, even her mother walks on eggshells around her, fearing she’ll relapse. After her behavior during her drug years, Emily realizes she has a lot to prove. When police discover a homemade bomb under Emily’s car, and she then learns the wife of one of her friends was murdered that same morning, she knows things are deadly serious. But who wants Emily dead? And why? A conversation she had with two men, an Alfred Hitchcock movie, and a plan for a double murder all conspire for one explosive ride ... and Emily is the only one who can identify the killer and save the life of the next potential victim. As she frantically works to solve this ever more complicated puzzle, Emily finds herself playing right into the killer’s hands.

My review:

Terri Blackstock has long been a favorite author of mine. She has done some books over the years that are not suspense, and those are OK, but in my opinion, she really shines when she does suspense, as this book is.

This is the third, and I assume final, book in a series. All three are suspense novels, and all three revolve around the drug scene and one family dealing with a family member being addicted to drugs and going through rehabilitation.

To me, Downfall is the best and most suspenseful of all three books. I sat down a few evenings ago with plans to read a few chapters and then go on to play some games on my Kindle Fire. So much for that plan. Once I started the book, I could not put it down. I had the time, so I read through the entire book in one sitting. I really liked the characters in this series, and there was even more development of the characters in this book.

As enjoyable and suspenseful as this book and the two that precede it are, Terri also does a great job of portraying the effects of drugs on not just the addict, but the addict's family, and of the struggle to get clean and stay clean. I recommend this series very highly. All three books are great reading.

About the author:

Terri Blackstock ( has sold over six million books worldwide and is a New York Times bestselling author. She is the award-winning author of Intervention and Vicious Cycle, as well as such series as Cape Refuge, Newpointe 911, the SunCoast Chronicles, and the Restoration Series.

Downfall is available from Zondervan Publishing.

Thanks to Andrea at Shelton Interactive for the review copy.