Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Hilarious Book of Heavenly Humor by Bob Phillips & Johnny Hawkins

Bestselling jokester Bob Phillips (more than 5.4 million books sold) and godly, goodly humor cartoonist Jonny Hawkins team up to take a lighthearted look at church, Bible characters and events, and faith in this collection that offers a bit of humor for those in the pulpit, pews, and anywhere in between.

Eve: Adam, do you love me?

Adam: Who else?

Question: What caused Abel to feel neglected?

Answer: His parents were raising Cain.

This collection of jokes, quotes, and cartoons, alphabetized and indexed from Abel to Zacchaeus, will be a favorite resource for those who want to freshen their bulletins, newsletters, speeches, or sermons—or just infuse their earthly days with some good clean fun.

My review:
I love a good joke book, and am always on the look out for a good and clean one. This falls into both categories. It is full of humorous quips and cartoons centering around the Bible and church. Some I had heard before, and many I had not, but all put a smile on my face and many caused me to chuckle out loud.

Bob Phillips wrote the written part of the book, and Johnny Hawkins did the cartoons. Both guys did a great job of presenting good, clean Christian humor. This a book I'd recommend to anyone who likes humor, and it would be great for bulletins and a tool for pastors to insert in their messages.

About the authors:
Bob Phillips, PhD, is the former executive director of a multimillion-dollar nonprofit corporation. He is a licensed marriage, family, and child therapist in California. The cofounder of the Pointman Leadership Institute, Bob has presented leadership seminars in 19 countries. With more than 11 million copies in print, he is the author and coauthor of numerous nonfiction, humor, and fiction books, including his New York Times bestselling Babylon Rising series.

Recipient of the ECPA Gold Book Award for Redi-Reference in 1990 and Awesome Good Clean Jokes for Kids in 2005

Recipient of the Harvest House Platinum Award in 1999

Jonny Hawkins is a full-time cartoonist whose work has appeared in more than 600 publications. He also creates five themed Cartoon-a-Day calendars each year. Jonny and his wife, Carissa, have three children and live in Michigan.
The Hilarious Book of Heavenly Humor is available from Harvest House Publishers.
Thanks to Harvest House for the review copy.


Steve Hight said...

How many of the jokes had to do with long-winded preachers?