Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Encounter by Stephen Aterburn

The past can be a dark and haunting place - full of secrets and mysteries too deep, too painful to confess.

For Jonathan Rush, a wealthy and famous entrepreneur, this is an agonizing and startling reality — one he never knew existed in his life until now. On a mission to Fairbanks, Alaska, to uncover the truth behind his mother’s abandonment when he was only four years old, Jonathan comes face-to-face with his unresolved bitterness as well as a mysterious woman named Mercy who holds the key to unlocking the secrets of his past. Somehow he must convince Mercy to confide in him, learn how to forgive his mother, and — even more painful — learn how to forgive himself.

The Encounter, from best-selling author, counselor, and speaker Stephen Arterburn, artfully reveals the power of your story, the fierce need for acceptance, and the true hope of healing. Discover in its pages the radical joys of forgiveness both toward others as well as from the ultimate healer and forgiver: Jesus Christ.

Through the truth and hope revealed in this gripping parable, learn to step out from the darkness of a painful past and into the healing light of a forgiven future.

My review:Stephen Arterburn doesn't normally do fiction, so I was interested to see he had written one. It was available for a while in e-book format, and I had passed due to not having a Kindle or Nook, but since I bought one, I grabbed the book. I was not disappointed.

The book is written in both first person and third person points of view, and works great for this book. It is more than a fictional story. Aterburn wrote it as a result of a true story, and though the story is interesting and entertains, it also has a great message of forgiveness and dealing with one's past.

Though I cannot relate to being deserted by one's parents, I could relate to needing to forgive and with dealing with the past, as anyone can, so this book could be helpful to anyone.

I really enjoyed the book and read it in one evening. I highly recommend it.

About the author: Stephen Arterburn is the founder and chairman of New Life Ministries—the nation’s largest faith-based broadcast, counseling and treatment ministry—and is host of the nationally syndicated New Life Live! heard and watched by 2 million people each week on nearly two hundred radio stations nationwide in addition to XM and Sirius Satellite radio and is now seen on television on the Family Net and NRB network. Steve is the founder of the Women of Faith® conferences and has written more than sixty books, including the best-selling Every Man's series. He has over 7 million books in print and has been nominated for numerous writing awards, winning three Gold Medallions for writing excellence.

Steve has degrees from Baylor University and the University of North Texas as well as two honorary doctorate degrees. He is currently finishing his doctoral studies in Christian Counseling.

Steve resides with his family in Fishers, Indiana.


The Encounter is available from Thomas Nelson Publishing.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for the review copy.