Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mike Dellosso

One of the authors that I read started a new venture. In a nutshell, he picked 20 people to be more involved in his work as an author. One thing he asked of us was to help spread the word about his books, so I am going to try to help him out on that.

I would compare his writing to Frank Peretti's style, especially his earlier books. They are suspensful, often having supernatural aspects like Peretti's early books.

His first book was Hunted, which I think is his only book I did not review:

A town’s deadly secret will drive one man to the edge of his faith…

After learning of the disappearance of his nephew, Joe Saunders returns to his childhood home of Dark Hills. With rumors spreading of a rogue lion roaming the woods, he embarks on a mission to learn the truth. As he peels away the layers of Dark Hills, he discovers a secret that has been shrouded for three generations in a deadly code of silence. Will his young faith be strong enough to battle the demonic forces behind it?

Mike's second book was Scream. I had won a book through a blog and already had it, so I traded with another winner and got Scream. I liked it so well, I posted a short review of it here.

Otherworldly Screams…

A Madman on the Loose…

This Time the Stakes Are Higher Than Ever
While talking to his friend on the phone, Mark Stone is startled by a cacophony of otherworldly screams. Seconds later, a tragic accident claims his friend’s life. When this happens several more times—screams followed by an untimely death—he is compelled to act.

Battling his failure as a husband and struggling with his own damaged faith, Mark embarks on a mission to find the meaning behind the screams and hopefully stop death from calling on its next victim. When his estranged wife is kidnapped and he again hears the screams as she calls from her cell phone, his search becomes much more personal and much more urgent.

Darlington Woods was next, and I received a copy of it to review. Review is here.

Something evil is drawing them here . . .

Rob Shields has just lost his wife and son. Battling depression, denial, and an irrational fear of darkness, Rob travels to the small town of Mayfield, MD to check out a house he has inherited from his great aunt Wilda, a woman he has never even met. There in Mayfield strange things begin to happen that lead Rob to believe his son, Jimmy, is not really dead. After a restless night and eerie dream, Rob is convinced the answer to the mystery surrounding Jimmy’s disappearance and alleged death is to be found in a village called Darlington, a town found on no map.

Teaming up with a quirky local waitress who insists she has been there, Shields begins his quest to find the truth about the town—and his son. In Darlington, Rob and Juli come face to face with the town’s secret, creatures called Darklings inhabit the night and instill paralyzing fear in Darlington’s citizens. Their search for Jimmy leads them into the woods surrounding Darlington where, once in, there seems to be no way out.

Darkness Follows is Mike's latest book, which just came out back in May of this year. I also received a copy of it to review. That can be found here.
Sam Travis is a man on the brink of despair . . .

Out of a job and feeling worthless, Sam Travis is awakened one night to the sounds of a Civil War battle raging outside his Gettysburg home. But it’s the middle of the night, and the summer reenactments are long over. A search for the source brings him to an old journal by a Union soldier . . . written in his own handwriting.

When more of the mysterious writings appear and begin to mimic Sam’s own life, his search for the truth puts him on a downward spiral that eventually drives him from his wife, his daughter, and his home–and into an evil plot that could cost many lives, including his own.

I had Mike do a guest blog when I reviewed Darlington Woods. That can be seen here.

And I posted an in interview with Mike when I reviewed Darkness Follows. The link for that is here.

Although Mike only has 4 books published so far, he has quickly become one of my favorite authors. He also has a blog he writes on regularly. It is here.

If you enjoy suspense with a touch of the supernatural, check out his books.


Glynn said...

Mike is one of my favorite authors. But what I like even more than his books is his heart for God.