Tuesday, November 8, 2011

If Halloween were Christmas

I am not a big fan of Halloween, but I am also not one to make a big deal about not liking it. Imagine for a moment though, if the stores and media treated Halloween as we do Christmas....

We would have "holiday" costumes

Trick or treating is a Halloween word, so it would be called "nocturnal door knockers" or something ridiculous like that.

No more Jack O Lanterns. Squash with an atttiude would be in. Orange and black would be outlawed at schools

No more witches. Evil women with items to sweep the floor

No ghosts. Visitors from another world.

No more Halloween candy. "Holiday candy"

No more Haunted House, hayrides, etc. It would be a "scary place"

I wonder how far they would take it. Sounds stupid doesn't it, but they already do it with Christmas.