Monday, April 4, 2011

Eye For Glory by Karl Bacon

Michael palmer is a good man, a family man. But honor and duty push him to leave his comfortable life and answer the call from Abraham Lincoln to fight for his country.Karl Bacon is a first time novelist, but long time student of the Civil War. He and his wife, Jackie live in Naugatuck, Connecticut.

This “citizen soldier” learns quickly that war is more than the battle on the field. Long marches under extreme conditions, illness, and disillusionment challenge at every turn.

Faith seems lost in a blur of smoke and blood … and death. Michael’s only desire is to kill as many Confederate soldiers as he can so he can go home. He coldly counts off the rebels that fall to his bullets. Until he is brought up short by a dying man holding up his Bible.

It’s in the heat of battle at Gettysburg and the solemn aftermath that Michael begins to understand the grave cost of the war upon his soul. Here the journey really begins as he searches for the man he was and the faith he once held so dearly. With the help of his beloved wife, Jesse Ann, he takes the final steps towards redemption and reconciliation.

Using first-hand accounts of the 14th Connecticut Infantry, Karl Bacon has crafted a detailed, genuine and compelling novel on the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

Intensely personal and accurate to the times, culture, and tragedy of the Civil War, An Eye for Glory may change you in ways you could have never imagined as well.

My review:
I enjoy reading about the Civil War, so this book caught my interest right away, and I was happy to be able to get a copy to review.

The author did a great job on this book. It is written in the first person, and the author used firsthand accounts of the 14th Connecticut Infantry, which helps with the story being more real and realistic. While reading the book, I almost felt like I was there.

There is a lot described about the battles and fighting, but the book also deals a lot with the main character, Michael, and how the war changes him for the worst. How he becomes obsessed with hating and killing the enemy.

War is a necessary evil, but this book shows just how terrible the Civil War was. Christians killing fellow Christians, brother against brother. I really enjoyed the story, and it was moving to see how Michael finally found redemption and found his way past hate.

I truly hated to see the book end, it was a great historical journey through one of our nations worst wars, and a refreshing look at what went on during that time. Highly recommended. This is a great novel of the Civil War.

About the author:

Karl Bacon is a first time novelist, but long time student of the Civil War. He and his wife, Jackie live in Naugatuck, Connecticut.

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Eye For Glory is available from Zondervan Publishing.

Thanks to Zondervan for the review copy.


Anonymous said...

Great review! I have this one on my TBR stack and can't wait to start!