Monday, April 4, 2011

The Complete Guide to Understanding Homosexuality by Dallas & Heche

One of the hot–button issues of our day is fully addressed in this comprehensive new resource on homosexuality. This well–researched and highly readable guide is the perfect go–to manual for families, church workers, counselors, pastors, civic leaders, schools, and those who themselves struggle with same–sex attraction.

Readers will find the answers to these and many more important questions:

•What is homosexuality?

•Is the tendency for homosexuality genetic?

•How should the church respond?

•What’s the proper response when a relative or friend announces they’re gay?

•What are the legal and civic ramifications of homosexuality?

•Should homosexuals serve openly in the military?

•What about gay marriage and adoption?

Authoritative authors Joe Dallas (Desires in Conflict, When Homosexuality Hits Home) and Dr. Nancy Heche (The Truth Comes Out) tackle the hard questions about same–sex attraction in this helpful volume.

My review:
I was rather surprised when this book came in the mail and I saw how big it is. It comes in at a whopping 501 pages, which includes an index.

Some books like this that has so much information can get boring and dry, but the authors did a great job of presenting  a lot of information while keeping it interesting and relevant.

This is a book every pastor should read, and a lot of people in the church should also read. The topics are many, from what causes homosexuality, to gay marriage, and counseling people struggling with the issue themselves.

The book is sub-titled A Biblical and Compassionate Response to Same-Sex Attraction, and that is exactly what the book is. Yes, the authors hold the view that living a gay lifestyle is wrong, they talk about why gay marriage is a bad idea and wrong, yet they don't do it from an attacking mode. I learned a lot by reading the book, and it is obvious that the authors know what they are talking about, with both having person experiences in their own lives.

It did take me a while to read this book. It is the type of book that is more of a resource book, but yet one that is easy to read. I recommend it for anyone who has a friend or relative living the lifestyle, and/or struggling with same-sex attractions, and for people in the church who just want to know more about this hot topic. With it being so prevalent today, we all need to know more about it.

About the authors:

Joe Dallas, past president of Exodus International, lectures extensively at churches and seminars and directs a biblical counseling practice in Tustin, California. He is the author of Desires in Conflict; The Gay Gospel?; and When Homosexuality Hits Home. His articles have been featured in Christianity Today, Christian Research Journal, and the Journal of the Christian Association of Psychological Studies

Author Website

Nancy Heche is a popular Bible study teacher, author, and speaker. She holds a masters and doctorate degree in pastoral counseling and is the author of The Truth Comes Out. Dr. Heche lives in Southern California.

The Complete Guide to Understanding Homosexuality is available from Harvest House Publishers.
Thanks to Harvest House for the review copy.