Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day #9... Christmas CDs, the bad and ugly

I covered my favorite Christmas CDs, now time for my least favorites. Ever hear an awesome song, run out and by the CD, only to find the rest of the CD is not so awesome? That has happened to me with some Christmas CDs. Unlike my favorite CDs, these do not warrant the bother of pictures. And again, in no particular order...

Hey Santa by Wendy and Carnie Wilson - I love the title song. Not sure why, as I am not a big fan of Santa...... Anyway, I bought the CD - cheap, fortunately, for the rest of the CD was.... boring. I didn't think they sang the songs well, and it was a letdown from the title song. I sold it on ebay.

Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey - I absolutely love the song from this CD, All I Want for Christmas Is You. And again, I bought the CD and yuk! Double yuk... I gave the CD away, hated it too much to sell it. :-)

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee - No one - and I mean no one - can sing this song like Brenda Lee. Yes, there are other great versions of the song, but she tops them all. A true classic. And the rest of her Christmas CD is classic.... classic horrid - awful CD. Not sure what I did with it after I bought it, but I listened to it once. The title song remains on my Ipod though.

Home for Christmas by Dolly Parton - I love Dolly's singing, and love the Christmas CD she did with Kenny Rogers. I was however, disappointed with this CD. It isn't bad, it just bored me. She needs to do a new one with newer, more lively arrangments. She released a single new song last Christmas - Coming Home for Christmas that I really love. But I didn't keep the Home for Christmas CD.

A Greater Vision Christmas by Greater Vision - These guys do a great job on "Cherish That Name", but overall, the CD was a disappointment to me. With a marvelous song writer in their group, Rodney Griffin, I was hoping for some new Christmas songs, but they were all classics, and it bored me. They have a new CD out this year that looks more promising.

Christmas by Jason Crabb - I did not buy this CD - thank God for the modern technology we have of being able to preview CDs before you buy them. I almost bought it until I listened to it. I like Jason's voice, but am not impressed with the CD, so I will not be buying it.

The Promise by Michael Card - I am not a fan of Michael Card. I like his voice, but not his style. His Christmas CD looked good, so I bought it. I liked 2 songs on it - Immanuel - an awesome song - and We Will Find Him. The rest of the CD.... no thanks.

Yuletide Joy by Sandi Patty - I like Sandi Patty's voice, and loved her Christmas CD, The Gift Goes On. This CD looked promising.... but I hated it. Especially her Jingle Bells rendition. I about shudder at the thoughts. This one went on ebay so fast it would have made heads spin.

Breath of Heaven by Vince Gill - His first Christmas CD was tops, but this one - not so much. It isn't a terrible CD, but was just disappointing. And why, oh why did he record "Breath of Heaven"... aka "Mary's Song"? That makes as much sense as Dolly Parton singing "He's Alive". "Breath of Heaven" is supposed to be Mary talking - I seriously doubt Vince Gill has ever been pregnant.... though he does have a very high voice....

I am sure there have been others, but these stick in my mind. Any you would add to the list?