Sunday, November 7, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day #7.... The best Christmas CDs

I am not in the mood to blog, but I did commit to this National Blog Posting Month thing, so here goes..... my favorite Christmas CDs of all time...... not in any particular order

Once Upon A Christmas by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. These two sound great together, and this CD is tops... I love listening to it.

A Family Christmas by the Talleys, 1988. This one would have to be my all time favorite - totally awesome CD from the Talleys, back when it was Debra, Roger, and Kirk. I had had the cassette for years, and when I went to all CDs was fortunate to find the CD on ebay - and there is one on ebay right now if anyone is interested...... They did a few very nice medleys on this CD and a few original songs I love.

Every Light That Shines At Christmas by Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. These guys are my favorite quartet and one of my favorite groups. Their first Christmas CD was really good, but this one tops it. It has 15 songs, new and old, and is an awesome CD.

I have always loved Garth Brooks voice, though I haven't cared for many of his songs. He has, however done two great Christmas CDs. This one, The Magic of Christmas, is the newer of the two, and is my favorite of the two. It is mostly new songs, but I like how he does it, and it is a favorite Christmas CD of mine.

Jeff and Sheri Easter have always been one of my favorite groups, so I was excited when they finally did a Christmas CD... and I was not disappointed. Filled with a mix of old and new Christmas songs, this one has been in my favorites list since it came out.

The first of two Christmas CDs by country group, Lonestar - This Christmas Time. I loved it at first listen, and still do. The best cuts... Reason for the Season and Please Come Home For Christmas.

David Phelps has done two Christmas CDs, and this is the newer and more lively of the two. It also features his new anorexic Shirley Temple look.....

This CD, One Wintry Night,  has 15 songs, and is an awesome Christmas CD, leaning more contemporary than Southern Gospel. David wrote some of the songs on it, and it also has some classic Christmas songs - a great mix.

One of the best ever Christmas CDs ever, Still The Greatest Story by the Gaither Vocal Band. It has one song I don't like, but the others are so great that it makes my list. Favorite song - It's Still The Greatest Story - awesome song.

No picture, but there was an obscure Southern Gospel family back in the 80's who did a couple of CDs, including a Christmas CD. The group, The Manuel Family Band, penned mostly original songs on the CD, and I love the CD - has some really cool songs, such as Even Santa Ought to Know, Take The "X" Out of Your Christmas, The Reason, and more. Makes my list for sure.

Let There Be Peace On Earth by Vince Gill - a great country Christmas CD, and his newer Christmas CD pales in comparison. This is another I had on cassette and replaced with the CD - a CD worth having.

I don't think I had ever listened to anything by SCC until I bought this, The Music of Christmas - and I loved it right off the bat. It has some original songs that I love, my favorite cut being God With Us - a totally awesome song. I enjoy the whole CD, though different from my normal listening styles.

Though not as good as their first Christmas CD, this CD by the Talley Trio, as opposed to the Talleys - Kirk being replaced by his niece, Lauren, this is another musical delight for the ears. It has some newer songs and classics - a must have for Southern Gospel lovers.

The new Gaither Vocal Band Christmas CD, Christmas Gaither Vocal Band Style, is not as good as the first, and has more classics than new, but is still a favorite already of mine -  a great CD.

I have many more Christmas CDs, but these are my favoites and most played. Any input - some you would add?


Kim M. said...

Don't forget The Carpenters Christmas CD.