Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowstorm 2010

We got a whopping 20 inches of snow last night. When I went to bed, we had 9 inches, and woke up to 11 more!

In the show below, that is a lilac bush hanging over the driveway. My dad had to knock the snow off of it so the branches would go back up and he could plow there

The shot below has the road in front of the house in it - a busy, main road - covered with several inches of snow.
My buried car
we had to shovel a path to the shed where the tractor is, and shovel a place for the doors to open
Two pictures of my car. There was so much snow on it, I used my shovel - which is plastic - to shovel the snow off of the car. The shot on the left is the partially shoveled hood.


LuAnn said...

Hi, Mark. I grew up in Akron, so I'm quite familiar with these types of snowstorms. Even though I've been in Washington state since 1975, I still remember waking up to piles of snow everywhere and days of shoveling!

Kim M. said...

wowzers! I am SOOOO glad that stuff didn't come over here since we have all these problems!