Friday, May 22, 2009

Blood Bayou & Bargains

I got enough Swag Bucks to get another order from Amazon.....have I mentioned how much I love getting getting free books via Swag Bucks?! So far, I have cashed in $50 worth of free books from Amazon - every time I get 45 Swag Bucks, I turn them in for a $5 Amazon gift card - I have for $5 cards waiting for me to use, though 2 hasn't cleared yet, so that makes $70 I have made from Swag Bucks, though much has come from people signed up under me........anyone else want to sign up? :-) Just click on the banner and try it!

One of the books in my last order is "Blood Bayou" by Karen Young. Secular author writing her first Christian suspense book. I loved the book. Not only was there mystery & suspense, it also showed the redemptive power of God in the worst of sinners. She has another book coming out in the Christian market next year, and I look forward to reading more from her.

"Blood Bayou, set in Louisiana Bayou Country, is a story of redemption and forgiveness. Because of her husband's alcoholism, Camille St. James divorced Jack Vermillion after a tragic accident. Seven years later, Jack has turned his life around and is a minister, but Camille, unsure of her own beliefs, doubts his sincerity. God may have forgiven him, but she won't! Then they are reunited by the murder of Jack's sister by a prisoner recently exonerated and freed through the Truth Project, an organization which Camille runs. She is convinced the accused man is innocent and sets out to prove it. Jack is sure he did it and blames Camille for freeing him. But as she works to find the real killer, someone is determined to stop her by any means" (CBD)

I went to a yard sale this morning of a pastor I know who is moving out of state. He also managed a Christian bookstore, and they had tons of books - I'd say a couple thousand - for sale, 25 cents each. Between Mom & Dad, my sister, and I, we walked away with quite a few. My best buy was a bonded leather Life Application Study Bible in the box with a CD for 25 cents. All that is wrong with it is a name imprinted on the cover - was a mistake, but for 25 cents, I can live with that. :-)

We are all gearing up for vacation. We are pulling out very early in the morning a week from tomorrow, and I can't wait. I don't have much $$ tied up in the vacation, which makes it nice - they won't let me pay much. I can't wait!