Friday, May 29, 2009

12 hours til lift-off

Last night was the awards banquet for our academy. I wasn't too thrilled about going, but felt it was my duty as a loving uncle. I'm glad I went. It was very nice and there was a lot of good food -one of those "potluck" deals where everyone brings food. And there were lots of desserts, including my favorite kind of pie - rhubarb! Good stuff there. Wasn't quite as good as Mom makes, but it was close. :-)

My "middle" niece, Allie, had a rough start in school. By the time first grade ended, she just wasn't getting it, so my sister & brother-in-law decided to hold her back a year. She has been doing tons better since, and especially this year. At the awards banquet, they give awards for the Principal's list - students who maintained an A average all 4 quarters, and also to those who maintained at least a B average all 4 semesters. For the last few years, the other two have got either the Honor Roll or Prinicpal's list, and Allie has missed it by one quarter. This year, she made it, and got an award and Walmart gift card for $10. I was so happy for her!

There was a neat thing done last night at the banquet. Brad Forrider, who goes to my church and is the brother of our principal, is in the Air Force Reserves and just got back from a 5 month overseas duty in Darfur - wherever that is. He presented to the school a flag with a certificate that was flown from a C134- I assume that is a ship of some kind. And it was the flag that was flown, not the certificate. :-) See what you home schoolers miss! :-)

As I type this blog, it is almost 12 hours until "life-off" - 3:30 am. I didn't know 3:30 came twice a day! My suitcase is packed - also taking a duffel bag which I will toss last minute stuff in. I have 8 books to take along, which should be enough. Maybe I should stick a couple more in....

Dad rigged up an interesting contraption to help fit more in the van. The back seat flips forward and lays down. He made a piece of plywood that lays on that and has legs on the back, which makes a lot of space on top of the plywood to stack on and room underneath, which will mostly be taken up with 2 large ice chests. Since I snapped this picture, 2 suitcases have been added among other things. Other than the ice chests which will be last minute for obvious reasons, and a few other small odds and ends, it is pretty much packed.
We are pulling out of here at 3:30, God willing - and meeting up with Steve, Vicki, and the girls around 4. We will travel together to Breezewood, PA, where we will be joined by Paul & Pam and their boys, making a caravan of 3 mini vans. Paul & Pam are lucky. They have a 2 hour trip to Breezewood, and we have about 3 hours and 15 minutes - they can sleep later. Oh well.
It is about a 12 hour trip to where we are going, so we should hit Nag's Head around 2-2:30 where we will eat, then head on to Avon, where we are staying. If you think of us, pray we all make it safely. Paul is taking his laptop, so I may blog some. Until then, for me it is Bon Voyage!
PS: Dad said the plans for his space saver above can not be copied or sold..... :-)


Parsley said...

Have a most awesome fun time! By the way-thanks for the book suggestions. Blessings and safe journey.

Steve-n-Deb said...

Just for the record, Brad was in Qatar which is somewhere in the Middle East. The flag was flown on a C-130, which are the big transport planes that fly out of Youngstown and over Salem semi-regularly. They flew supplies and ammunition into Iraq while they were stationed in Qatar.