Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's Wrong With People

I read a disgusting news story this evening that causes me to wonder how people get so off course. PETA (People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have sent a letter to the owners of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, asking them to replace the cow's milk they use in their ice cream with human breast milk. No kidding.

How sad for our nation that we have so many people caught up in protecting animals to this extreme, that they try to get an ice cream company to use human breast milk instead of cows milk? Maybe it is because I was a bottle-fed baby, but the idea about nauseates me. And how ridiculous of an idea! Where would they ever get enough human milk for that? I won't even go there.

I am not for animal cruelty. I hate dogs, though puppies are ok.....but don't advocate being mean to them. (I also don't advocate letting them slobber all over oneself..... ) I love meat. If we didn't use animals for meat, we would soon be run over with them. I myself am not a hunter, and can't see why guys enjoy it so much. Been there, tried it, bored, and got lost, but I love the results of others who hunt. Bring on the venison! And rabbit, squirrel, and moose! (never had moose, but if its good for Sarah Palin, its good for me!)

I digress. Anyway, if deer were not hunted and killed for meat, there would most likely be 100's more car/deer accidents than there already are.

Ironically, from what I have seen and read, PETA people are most often pro-abortion, so although they find it wrong to even drink milk from an animal, much less eat meat, they have no problem with an innocent baby being torn apart in its mother's womb. Wonder how they would feel about abortions on animals..........

People like causes. There have always been, and will always be, people who go overboard with causes: anti-war, animal rights, environment. Sadly, it seems more people go overboard for causes that don't matter as much in the light of eternity. We should care about how animals are treated, but more than that, we should care about the value of human life, and it seems most animal rights people are more worried about animals than human life.

I hope the day never comes that because of PETA, that killing animals is illegal. Another reason we need to be careful who we elect to public office.