Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin

For the first time, I am excited about the coming presidential election. John McCain is tons better than Barack Obama, but is not as conservative as I wished he were. Picking Sarah Palin has seemed to excite the Republican party, myself included.

This is a real lady. She is pretty. She is feminine, and she is conservative. A comment was made by a liberal feminist that all Palin and Hillary Clinton have in common is the same chromosome. She meant it as a slam, but it is true. They are both women, and that is all they have in common. Palin got the looks, the femininity, a husband who is more than likely faithful to her - so she definitely doesn't have much in common with Hillary.

We could very well end up with our first ever woman vice president. Wow. A female friend of mine said once that this country would be a lot better off if women had never been allowed to vote. That may be true. I'd say abortion would never have been legalized for one thing. I do know that Palin seems to be the type of woman who can handle being in charge without becoming a control freak, which is how Hillary strikes me.

Just listening to the announcement of her being McCain's VP pick, and hearing what she stands for, then hearing her speech, lit a fire in me. I felt encouraged, excited, and hopeful about election 2008. My feelings have become strengthened the more the liberal media and Democrats have gone after her. They know she was a good pick. They know this could pull more voters for McCain, and they are worried. From the messiah wanna be Obama on down.

The things they come up with are becoming more and more ludicrous. They pulled up a DUI her husband got 20 years ago. That is relative how? They questioned the paternity of her baby, claiming it is her daughter's, going so far as to demand a paternity test. The news that the daughter is pregnant now hasn't changed the biased media's ideas on that.

A liberal reporter on one of the TV news is a 26 year working mother, but believes that Palin should stay home with her kids since she is an evangelical, and we "believe that women should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen". It is ironic that the same people who are all for women working, getting out there and doing what men are doing, are being the loudest that Sarah Palin should stay home with her kids. You'd think that they would be happy that a woman is the VP running mate pick. Were she on the Democratic ticket, none of this would be brought up.

They are even picking that she didn't write her speech she gave at the convention. No one writes their own speeches, not even the great Obama, but yet they pick at her? More evidence that they are running scared.

This is the same party that had a womanizer having sex with an intern in the White House, and still furiously will defend him to this day, and would vote for him again, yet they pick at these small flaws in a Republican. Wow.

McCain still isn't my ideal pick, but with Palin at his side, I am more at ease with him being president.

I am not against Obama because he is black. I am against him because I believe he is a racist. I believe he has Muslim connections, and connections to a man who has tried to blow up government buildings. He wants to raise taxes, get rid of our nuclear power, thus making us more vulnerable. He is extremely pro-abortion, going to far as to oppose the born alive victim act. He wants to do away with the don't ask, don't tell policy of the military and open it to homosexuals, which could cause problems no one on the left will see. He is against drilling for oil.

He is promising change, but what kind of change will it be? He really scares me. God only knows what could happen to America if he gets in. Hopefully, McCain with his VP pick by his side will knock him out of winning. We can only hope and pray.


Cindy said...

Indeed, she is something to be excited about! My whole family is ecstatic:)