Friday, August 13, 2010

The Sin of Gluttony.........

It has happened more than once. I point something out as being wrong, cigarette smoking, cursing, for example - and someone starts harping about gluttony being a sin. They point out that there are even overweight preachers. News flash: Just because something else is wrong, does not make the first thing ok. Now onto gluttony. I have a couple of questions for thought:

1) Does gluttony only involve food?

2) Can a skinny person be a glutton with food?

And.... Just because someone is overweight, can it automatically be assumed that they are a glutton?

Now, here is what I think, and I welcome input.

1) Gluttony can involve an excess in ANYTHING. The dictionary has two definitions for gluttony:
 a person who eats and drinks excessively or voraciously - and
a person with a remarkably great desire or capacity for something

Ironically, one of the people who threw this gluttony argument at me is a glutton themself. In DVDs. This person over the years has spent untold money in DVDs. Movies, TV series on DVD - which are not cheap - not to mention untold trips to the movie theater. Needless to say, they have always had money problems. Is it a stretch to say they are gluttonous with DVD buying? I don't think so.

The possiblities are endless: Internet, CDs, books, sex, facebook..... TV, and of course food. So yes, gluttony can involve far more than food.

2) Yes, a skinny person can be gluttonous with food, and no, just because someone is overweight does not mean they are a glutton.

One big word: metabolism. It plays a big part in body weight. Some people can eat like a horse and look like a fence post. Someone else can eat the exact same amount and look like the horse. There are other factors too - lifestyle, thyroid, and more.

I was off work for several months, but got a job in February. I work in a grocery store, putting stock away, and running all over the store. Without dieting, I have lost 26 pounds since February by a lifestyle change. Was I a glutton then, and not now since I have lost weight?

I love to read. I love books. Seeing them, feeling them - and that is why I can't see how a true book lover could buy into the electronic book readers. What sacrelige! You are not a true book lover if you buy one of those!!!!  :-) - Anyway, I have a lot of books. Am I a glutton with books? I don't know. There have been times in my life where I spent way too much $$ on books. That isn't an issue anymore. Since I get so many books to review, there aren't many that I buy. I enjoy sharing my books, as long as the borrower takes good care of them, so I guess the question remains if I am a glutton in books. ;-) I have a dream: That one day my children will be judged not by the color of their skin....... oops, wrong dream
:-) Seriously..... I do dream of having a large room filled with bookcases, filled with books. The room has a fireplace, a comfortable recliner, a small table to set a drink on. A stereo to play music...... A place where I can take my gluttonous self and enjoy my books......


Christy said...

Excellent Post Mark!! In the last year or so I have thought about this alot! You are SO RIGHT. Gluttony is not just eating. It is your whole life. What happens with this problem is that it gets us focused on ourselves. What concert can we go to next or how soon does that movie come out...or maybe how many hours do I have to work to afford to buy another ________ (you fill in the blank) pretty soon we are so involved with our own thing that we cannot see a hurting world that needs our TIME, TALENTS, LOVE, and yes....maybe even some of the $$ that you were planning on spending for yourself...(not for needs)Christ called us to be his salt and light...and you cannot...wait let me emphasize that YOU CANNOT fulfill Christ's purpose while maintaining a selfish, Gluttonous, me first attitude and lifestyle. I am SOOO excited that you posted this on your WELL READ blog.