Thursday, August 19, 2010

Muslims & Liberals

If you pay any attention to the news, it has become glaringly obvious that the liberal media and the Democrats bend overboard to paint Muslims in the best possible light. Just are a few examples of many:

The Fort Hood shooting - the media and Democrats insist on painting tha shooter's actions as post tramautic war syndrome and many in the media refused to call him a Muslim for the longest time.

The Time Square bomber - some in the media actually voiced concern that people would hear the man's name and immediately assume he was a Muslim terrorist - which he was.

And more recently, the Ground Zero Mosque - the same liberals who fight against our religious freedoms are suddenly worried about the freedom of Muslims concering their right to build a mosque at Ground Zero. The Associated Press gas gone so far as to issue a memo to their reporters to avoid the words "ground zero" when talking about the story. Nancy Pelosi is calling for investigations into anyone who oppose the mosque being built there.

Yet this same media and these same Democrats try as hard as they can to pin any kind of attack on a Christian or conservative, and seem to delight when they can.

Many may disagree with me, but I have read a lot, heard a lot, and I believe most Muslims want us dead. They want to take over the USA, and if things keep going the way they are going, the day could very well come that we are forced to become a Muslim or die. Not here in America? It could happen. We have a pro-Muslim president, and the media and Democrats are all pro-Muslim - so yes, it could happen.

My reason for this post is to ask what I think is a really good question. First off, keep in mind how the Muslims treat their women. Not too great. The women have no rights. Second, how the Muslims treat gay people - they kill them. Now put that up against the Democrat/liberal view of women's and gay rights - thet fight for them - ferociously. So here is the million dollar question:

Why do the liberals fight so hard to defend Muslims and paint them in the best light when the Muslims are so anti-woman and anti-gay - 2 things that are so important and big to the liberals? Do they not realize if the US became Muslim that they won't be fighing for gay marriage - the gays will be executed right and left - and Nancy will not be Speaker of the House, she will be wearing a burqua and be treated like a slave? So why fight for this religion with so much intensity?!

I was talking to my friend Steven about this, and his theory is that they hate Christianity so much, that they embrace anything that is anti-Christian, or the opposite of...... that could be, but still... what about the women and gays?

Any thoughts on this?


Annette said...

I think the bottom line is always politics and power, and thus they want the vote. While they are in office for however long that is, they will do as much as they choose because they have the power and control to enforce their "beliefs".
And you are right they do hate Christians, and for this reason they certainly have something in common with Muslims.
I believe that it is in extremely poor taste and judgment to build this mosque in the area near where the Trade centers were. The symbolism of it is cruel and it sends a potent message to the Muslim world.
Good post!

love2bake said...

Supposedly, the followers of Islam are peaceful, so why not embrace their religion? That's what the left-wing in this country claim. But, I am in the middle of reading a book (I Dared to Call Him Father) written by a Muslim woman who converted to Christianity. She said that it is common for the relatives of a Muslim-to-Christian convert to kill that person. The author, Bilquis Sheik, quotes several verses from the Koran--they very clearly state that anyone who isn't a Muslim should be killed.
I listened to the story, "Not Without My Daughter" (have a box of tissues nearby) several years ago. It is about an American woman who marries a Muslim man, and he convinces her to go "home" with him for a visit. In his country, this woman had absolutely no rights. Even though he repeatedly raped her (and everyone in the house knew it), no one in the house endeavored to cross her husband and help her.
So much for it being a religion of peace and so much for the rights of women anywhere Muslims have control.
I've also heard that where there are large settlements of Muslims, they endeavor to make their own law have precedent over the laws of the land. They've done it in England, and they are trying it here. It is called Sharia Law and basically strips women of any rights.
One day, the liberals will wake up and smell the coffee, but it will be too late. Then they'll have to sleep in the bed they've made, and it won't be any too comfortable.
(How was that for 2 cents? :))