Sunday, August 8, 2010

Love Has Come by Kevin Orr

                                  Book description:

Love Has Come is a twenty-eight day study of Matthew’s Gospel. With focal topics such as faith, trust, love, and conflict, author Kevin Orr incorporates personal testimonies from his years as a music minister to help examine Matthew in a fresh and meaningful way. Through introspective observations, Love Has Come is a devotional journey that encourages readers to dig deeper into the fertile soil of God’s Word and discover the greatness of Jesus.

Love was the preeminent motivation behind Jesus’ ministry, and Calvary was the ultimate representation of that love. Jesus loved people the world deemed unlovable, healed people the world cast away, and comforted people the world had written off. His message renewed troubled spirits, and His compassion revived broken hearts. The relevance for truth-seekers is undeniable.

In Love Has Come, we see that God isn’t a silent, dispassionate, distant Being but rather a vocal, passionate God who draws near. The Book of Matthew is the history, legacy, and ministry of the God-man who forever changed history. The world was lost in spiritual darkness. Jesus revealed heaven’s light. Into this pain-stricken world entered the Prince of peace, and life on earth would never be the same. Love had come.

My review:

The author takes a chapter a day and makes a 28-day study out of the book of Matthew. In each chapter, he focuses on a few verses, gives some application/thoughts, and ends asking a question for reflection. Also included after each chapter is a page for the reader to write their thoughts and reflections.

My contact at Winepress asked me if I would actually do the book in 28 days, which I did - well, it took me a bit longer than that, but I did a chapter a day. I enjoyed the book, and it opened up some new insights into the book of Matthew. The chapters in the book aren't long and are easy to read, leaving plenty of time to read the corresponding chapter in Matthew.

The book would make an excellent study tool for either personal study and devotions, or for a small group study. I don't review this type of book often, but I would recommend it for someone wanting to study the book of Matthew.

About the author:

Kevin Orr serves as Orchestra Director for Meadowood Baptist Church in Midwest City, Oklahoma and has been involved in music ministry for over ten years. Kevin’s passion for music began at a young age when he played trumpet in junior high and, eventually, on scholarship at Oklahoma City University (OCU) where he earned his BA in instrumental music education. During his education, Kevin began arranging and composing music and was asked to join Heritage Baptist Church in Oklahoma City to develop an instrumental praise band program. At Heritage, Kevin rehearsed and arranged for the brass ensemble and played trumpet with the praise band. The experience at Heritage served as the foundation for Kevin’s call to music ministry and, not long afterwards, Dickson Baptist Church asked Kevin to consider their music minister position.
Kevin was initially reluctant to leave the security and comfort of the music program at Heritage, but God convicted him to take a leap of faith and follow God’s calling. At Dickson, Kevin directed the adult choir and led worship on Sunday morning and evening services. During his tenure as music minister Kevin started a praise band which was soon incorporated into Sunday morning worship. This was the first of several praise band building opportunities.

Over the years, Kevin has served as music minister for four metropolitan churches: Dickson Baptist (1998-1999), North Pointe Baptist (1999-2002), Crestview Baptist (2002-2006), and Oakdale Baptist (2006-2009). Each opportunity has taught him something greater about the power of praise.

In July 1999, Kevin accepted a position at Tinker Air Force Base where he presently works fulltime, and in July 2000, he married Dawn Miller whom he met while attending Heritage Baptist. Currently they reside in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with their two children, Jayden and Abigail.

Love Has Come is available from Winepress Publishing.

Thanks to Abigail at Winepress for the review copy.


Unknown said...

I am very involved in this devotional.. I'm only on Matthew 13, but I have NEVER felt so close to God.. He's teaches me something new every day, literally.. I have a new outlook on life, love, and most importantly, our Savior, Jesus Christ.. I have thanked God for Kevin and his writing this moving devotional and am so excited about another one, perhaps in the near future..