Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Witness by Josh McDowell

Book description:

From Monte Carlo to Morocco to Egypt and into Petra, Marwan Accad is pursued by authorities for murders he did not commit. Tracked by advanced intelligence-surveillance technology, his every location is eventually found out, thrusting those he loves into danger. Nurtured by a bitter past that equipped him with what he needed for his company to thrive, Marwan Accad never looks back. Yet the way forward promises only uncertainty, and living each day is a lie in which corruption and greed play in the lives of man. For whose lie is he going through all of this? Even as Marwan races against time to find his pursuers and their motives, he must grapple with what is beyond his life, with what is eternal.

My review:

Josh McDowell has written mostly non-fiction books, with just a few fiction novels under his belt. This, I believe his third fiction novel, is by far his best, in my opinion.

The book doesn't take long to launch into the action. It starts off with a murder/attack, and just keeps getting more intense with the suspense and action. It is definitely one of the "read-in-one-sitting" novels, and so I did read it in one sitting, and thoroughly enjoyed the book.

The main character is not a Christian and leads quite a violent and wild life. McDowell uses conversations between he and others to put some of what he is best known for into the book - apologetics. And what better way to do it than in a story.

I loved the book. As I read it, I was drawn more and more into the story, and felt sympathy for the hero of the story, framed for murders he did not commit, and running for his life. Though he engaged in some sinful activities, the author does not give the idea that he approves of the activities, but instead gives the idea of what a life without Christ can be like.

The book is very fast-paced, and takes the reader all over the globe. I highly recommend the book to anyone who enjoys a good suspense/action novel.

Read the first chapter here.

About the author:

Since beginning ministry in 1961, Josh has given more than 24,000 talks to over 10 million young people in 118 countries. He is the author or coauthor of 112 books, selling over 51 million copies worldwide, including More Than a Carpenter (more than 15 million copies in print worldwide), which has been translated into over 85 languages, and The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict, recognized by World magazine as one of the twentieth century's top 40 books.

Josh continues to travel throughout the United States and countries around the world, helping young people and adults bolster their faith and scriptural beliefs. Josh will tell you that his family does not come before his ministry—his family is his ministry. He and his wife, Dottie, have four children and three grandchildren.

The Witness is available from Tyndale Publishing
Thanks to Tyndale for the review copy, which was given to me for the purpose of reviewing.


Patience said...

Great review for Josh Mcdowell. I saw him speak at a Christian conference and love his book "More than a Carpenter." This book looks really good!

Anyways, Can I send you a free copy to review? It is SCARS: An Amazing End-Times Prophecy Novel and about a girl who goes through the tribulation.

The publisher is Spring Harvest and is available at Amazon.


Patience Prence