Friday, June 11, 2010

We All Came to the Cross - video added

Updated - I made a video of the song - nothing exciting video-wise, just used the album cover, but now you can listen to the song.

A new song I really like on a CD by the Southern Gospel group called "Sisters" - and yes, the three women are sisters. Unfortunately, there is no video of the song on line anywhere, but you can preview the song on the album, Healer of My Heart on their website, here.

We All Came to the Cross by Kenna West, Lee Black, and Tony Wood

Verse 1
Some came with stories
Of shame and regret
Others from places we've prayed to forget
Some from the ruins of lives that we've made
But we each had a moment when we cried out for grace

And somehow we all found our way
A thousand winding roads
But they led to one place
So many different stories
Of life when we were lost
Yet somehow
We all came to the Cross

Verse 2
Some came from homes where His Word was read
Others from places His name wasn't said
Some bowed the first time He whispered their name
Others ran for a while
But in the end, just the same

Some whose sins were many
Some whose sins were few
We fell down on common ground


Joy said...

Checked it out. Really love the words to this song! Thanks for sharing.

Craig and Heather said...

Thanks for sharing that Mark,

Beautiful song, and priceless truth.

At the cross I must lose all of me, He took who I am completely, I take who He is completely.