Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dad's Bible

Book Description

Dad's Bible: The Father's Plan is the perfect gift for fathers, fathers-to-be, and father figures of any age. The Dad's Bible is filled with challenging and helpful information designed to encourage and uplift fathers whose lives will be a priceless legacy for generations to come. Whether as a personal purchase, a Father's Day gift, or "just because," Dad's Bible is sure to draw the reader into quality personal time with our Heavenly Father.

I'm not a dad, but decided to review this Bible anyway. This Bible is the New Century Version, which I wasn't crazy about. It isn't a bad version, but I much prefer the New King James and the New Living Translation.

The pages of this Bible are made to look like the pages of an old book, which gives it a neat look.

There are several pages of notes geared for fathers - how they should live, and notes pertaining to raising kids - which are very insightful. This Bible would make a great gift for a father for Father's Day. Robert Wolgemuth did the notes for the Bible, and he did a great job. Even though I have no kids, I could see that this Bible could be a great tool and help to fathers.