Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do Atheists Exist?

Headline today from MSNBC.COM: "Atheist Challenged In God We Trust Motto". The infamous Michael Newdow who tried to have the words "under God" removed from the pledge to our flag is at at again.

Congress first authorized a reference to God in 1864. The action followed a request by the director of the U.S. Mint, who wrote there should be a “distinct and unequivocal national recognition of the divine sovereignty” on the nation’s coins. Now we have a selfish moron wanting to do away with this. Should he succeed, God forbid, can you imagine what this would cost us as a nation?

Why is it that a small minority of people can cause so many problems. Hopefully he fails, but sometimes they succeed. It took one woman to cause the murder of innocent babies to be legalized. It took one woman to get prayer removed from schools.

I have had a though resurface over and over in regard to these so-called atheists. Is there really such a thing as a true atheist? An atheist declares that there is no God. But can you spend all your time and resources fighting against something that does not exist? Does it even make sense to do so?

I do not believe that there is life on other planets, whether it be Mars, or any other planet, known or unknown. But I don't care if other people believe that. It is their prerogative. I don't get angry when I hear of people who believe it. So why do atheists try so hard to remove all mention of a being who they supposedly do not believe exists? Why do the words "In God We Trust" bother them so much on our money? Do they really have to read it every time they handle money? If it bothers this Michael Newdow so much, why doesn't he keep all his money in the bank and use debit cards to avoid touching money?

There may be some genuine atheists out there somewhere, but my personal belief is they are quiet about it and aren't out there fighting against someone who doesn't exist. As for Michael Newdow, I wish him failure in his fights against God. He cannot be a true atheist. He is just a selfish grown up brat trying to get his own way. Who knows, he may be convicted by the very mention of the One he claims does not exist. Here is hoping that God will prevail, and this stupid lawsuit fails.

In closing, I will quote a bumper sticker I saw: "God does not believe in atheists".


Cindy said...

I think you're absolutely right, friend. Why would someone fight so hard against someone who doesn't exist? It would seem that most people who claim they are athiests are in actuality agnostics.

btw, it was nice catching up on your blog :)