Sunday, August 17, 2008

Closed Church Doors

I haven't blogged for a while, and had something on my mind, so I decided to blog. Before I start, I wanted to say a couple of things:

I blog for a couple of reasons: so my friends can keep up with me, if they so desire, and also for a place to put down some thoughts, instead of doing a diary.

Second, I would like to address the anonymous coward who commented on one of my blogs. I could be wrong, but my guess is that you are from the site I used to be a member of, and I now refer to it as "": I am not using the Sunday work issue as an excuse to not get a job - I do want a job (and currently have a part-time) - I admit I have very low self confidence, and it can get in the way of the type of jobs I want, and yes, the Bible does have something to say about working on the Sabbath - which we observe on Sunday. It is one of the 10 commandments.

That said, I have something bothering me. Is it ever right to close the church doors, other than for bad weather? I belong/attend an Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Church. We have 3 camps a summer: one that is for business, and preaching, in June, one in July that is a youth camp, and the general 10-day camp going on right now. Most churches across the denomination has one service on Sunday of each camp, and no Sunday evening service. My church had one for the other 2 camps this year, but did not for this camp, so our church is not having services tonight, so its either go up to camp - what they want you to do - stay home, or go to another church.

Allegheny Wesleyan College has a fall and spring revival, and again, our church closes the doors on Wednesday night and wants people to go over there for service. I had the idea to have service at the church for people who didn't want to go over, and they tried that with good success, but then went back to the original way to show support for the college.

What bothers me, is we have new people that have started and have been coming to almost every service. One couple recently got saved. What will they do tonight? Also, what about the people who do not know that there is no service and show up to find a locked church?

I have utmost confidence in one former pastor and his wife that was at Salem. They were, and still are, awesome pastors, though they pastor elsewhere, but they are totally against Sunday evening church being held during camp, for they feel people won't go up to camp. But the thing is, if people aren't going to go up, a closed church isn't going to make them go.

This really isn't my latest soapbox. This has bothered me for years. I can see them wanting people going to camp, but feel they need to have services morning and evening both. This morning, there were at least 60 people in the service. Most of them will not go up to camp tonight, and will stay home or go elsewhere.

Maybe I am wrong, but I think the church should have services for people to be in. The end. :-)

In other news.........I ended up playing the piano this morning for church. My pastor's wife was going to play - she never plays, but thought she would have to. When I showed up, I got roped into it, and haven't played for ages! A lady showed up after me who plays, but usually plays the organ. I tried to talk her into playing, and she told me she would play the organ if I played the piano. We sang 4 songs, and I had trouble with one of them: He Ransomed Me.

I am working 3 days a week at the newspaper office in town, and like it pretty well. It isn't enough hours, but it is paying my bills that I currently have. I found out that the lady who owns the bakery restaurant I used to work at would like to hire me back - she found out I was back. After the rude comment I got before, I hesitate to say this, but that job is a last resort: I enjoyed working there, but the hours were killers. So I won't rule the place out, but will keep looking in the meantime.

I actually have to work 4 days this week - have to go in tomorrow. Well, that's enough for now.


Kim M. said...

hmmm Mark, I really don't know what I think of the issue with the closed church doors. I really don't know if I can find any Scripture... I guess it is a matter of opinion.
If I weren't going to the camp, I'd probably just stay home and make it a "family night". But being single, I can see it being a lot more frustrating!

And just keep praying about the right job. God will show you if you beg Him for wisdom.

Glad you are blogging! I enjoy keeping up.