Friday, August 8, 2008

Booth Brothers

I haven't been much in the mood to blog lately, and still am not, but thought I do something different: a CD review. :-) I just got the new Booth Brothers CD, Room For More, and here is what I think of it:

Overall, it is the best CD they have done. The song selection is the best yet - may have something to do with the fact that group member wrote or co-wrote 9 of the 11 songs. I think it is also their strongest CD vocally, and harmony-wise.

1. Welcome To The Family: the first track is a fun song, catchy tune and words. Talks about the family of God, mentions fired chicken, sweet tea, and green bean casserole - my kind of meal! The song is where the title for the CD came from - says there is room for more in the family.

2. When He Saved Me: In my opinion, the best song on the CD. As soon as the song ended, I had the urge to play it again. Has a country feel to it, and awesome words - points out that when Christ saved us, He gave no thought to what we had been, or what we will do. He doesn't look at our scars and decide whether or not to save us.

3. Stand: a song that has a somewhat anthem sound. Reminds us that though some may think we are foolish to build our lives on the Bible, that we are standing for what is timeless and true. Another great song on an awesome CD......

4. Faithful One: This song was a pleasant surprise. I figured it to be a slow song, which there is nothing wrong with slow songs, but I like songs that move along.......;-) This song simply points out that Jesus is the Faithful One, and will always do what He says He will do, and that He has proven Himself time and time again. We can all stand to be reminded of this.

5. What Salvation's Done For Me: One of the 2 songs that doesn't bear Jim Brady's name, but written by a great songwriter nonetheless, Dianne Wilkinson, and a co-writer. This song says what life was like before salvation, then goes on to list some of the things that salvation has done: used to be blind, now my vision is clear, mercy came and drove the shame away, and more. This is a slow song that says a lot, and helps to remind the advantages of being a Christian.

6. Stuff Of Life: A cool song. Different, but good. Written for parents, but I still enjoy it. Lists several things in every day life: toys laying in the driveway, braces for the kids - things that are the "stuff of life". Last line in the song, still talking about kids, says most of all, may their hearts burn with passion to serve Christ, cause more than all those other things, that's the stuff of life.

7. Peace In The Shelter: Another "slow-sounding" song which took me by surprise. Has a very bouncy tune that has a simple message that simply says there is peace in the shelter of His arms. Written solely by Jim Brady.

8. The Half That's Never Been Told: This is the least Southern-Gospel sounding song on the CD. For lack of better term, it is the "wildest" song on the CD, but they don't go too far with it. It is a neat song written by Jim Brady and Rodney Griffin of Greater Vision. Talks about what people have their hearts set on seeing in Heaven, but says what they want to see is the "Half that's never been told". A definite toe-tapper.

9. Standing Tall: Another favorite here. The song talks about how hard it is to see a friend going through tough times. The chorus then talks about lighting striking the highest tree, and that all you're guilty of is standing tall. This song features a choir that has Jim Brady's wife singing. A nice touch for the last chorus. And an encouragement to anyone going through a trial.

10. Love & Grace: possibly my #2 favorite on the CD. The first verse is about the woman caught in adultery that the religious leaders wanted to stone. The chorus points out what love and grace do for us, and reminds us to show grace to our struggling brother. This is another toe-tapper written by Jim Brady and Rodney Griffin.

11. Freedom: They close out the CD with a slow song penned by the great songwriter Mosie Lister. If any song on the CD was meant for me, it was this one. Though it is written for a person not a Christian, it is still a message I needed to hear. The first verse talks about someone who has lost their song, who has made their life a prison with walls big and wide, and left the Lord outside. Since I am reviewing a CD, I will simply say I have gotten too depressed and discouraged, and have been guilty of letting God outside of my problems and worries. This song may not be one I hit replay on, but has an excellent message - that freedom is ours for the asking, and Jesus is waiting to make us free.

The Booth Brothers have pretty much hit the top of my list and became my favorite group. I don't know how many of their Cd's my friend Cindy has, but I think I beat her on that. Counting their solo Cd's, and the one I have of Jim Brady and his wife, that makes 15, and possibly one more coming in the mail. See if you can beat that Cynthia! :-)

This really does have to be their best. On a scale of 1-10, it is definitely a 10. Even non-Southern Gospel lovers - you poor souls - would like it. I promise!


Cindy said...

Great review! Again...I can't wait to hear it. I may have to see if I can do it before payday next Thursday :) We'll see how the Lord leads! And don't call me Cynthia! You know I don't like that name!!!! And I think I have 12 of their CD's, counting the solo CD's.. if I counted right!

Cindy said...

I'm bitter. I still don't have the new CD! They don't have it yet at The Lighthouse! They are supposed to reserve me a copy when they come in, but they'll probably have a new recording out by then! Frustration!!!!